John Jarratt and Robert Coleby

Bad Behaviour One Sheet Character Poster : John Jarratt as Ricky Bartlett.
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John Jarratt is Ricky Bartlett in Joseph Sim's Bad Behaviour
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Client : MEDiAKiN / Sterling Cinema Pty Ltd / Global Alliance Productions / Caldwell Entertainment
Brief : Read script, on-set observations, utilise on set photographer.
Medium :
Digital : One of several Bad Behaviour Character poster concepts created in Adobe Photoshop 2011 a.d
Design Notes : This One Sheet Poster features John Jarratt as Senior Constable Ricky Bartlett. Before Bad behaviour, John had appeared in ROGUE, a story based loosely on a 70's era giant croc named sweetheart (being director Greg McLean’s ode to Australia's Northern Territory tourist bureau) and big budget feature follow-up to John's most recognized role in the 2005 inde horror flick WOLF CREEK. Previously he featured in THE FINAL WINTER; an Australian production about the seedy side of footy and had a role in AUSTRALIA, Baz Luhrmann’s epic type feature thingy starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman dousing himself with a bucket of water. A veteran of thirty years in the industry, John’s credits includes Peter Weir's eerie classic PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK, THE ODD ANGRY SHOT, WE OF THE NEVER NEVER, and ALL MEN ARE LIARS which earned him a Best Actor nomination at the AFI awards. Television credits are numerous, from his Logie award-winning performance as Ned Kelly in THE LAST OUTLAW, to other leading roles in FIELDS OF FIRE Series One, Two and Three for which he received an AFI nomination for Best Actor.

In pre-blockbuster/DVD days, the horror section of the local video store was a sacred and profane place— a vast undiscovered treasure trove of gritty illicit images. Today, as most people order their dvds from Amazon based on movies they’ve already seen or heard of, or worse yet, they `flix everything they watch, DVD cover art is a pretty sanitized business. Actors you recognize, a scene from the film, the promo poster you’ve seen a thousand times (with a lot of dodgy photoshop edits and airbrushes screaming at you). Mid-80's VHS cover art was different, especially in the horror aisles. Intense color and extreme graphics were the only ways to give your film a chance to be seen, especially in an era when many horror films were independently produced or released direct to video. VHS covers could be downright terrifying. A trip down the horror aisle at the local video store could often be an act of bravery for my 13-year-old self, and, unfortunately, most often a much richer artistic experience than viewing the films inside those nightmarish Technicolor cases

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“Head on a stick mate”
Mick Taylor

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Released: Australia
updated 30/08/15

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