Prologue :


nd her skin was whiter than the
foam of the wave, and fairer were her hands
and her fingers than the blossom of the
wood anemone amidst the spray of the
meadow fountain.
The eye of the trained hawk, the glance of
the thrice-mewed falcon was not brighter
than hers. Her breast was more snowy than
the breast of the white swan, her cheek was
redder than the reddest roses.
Whoso beheld her was filled with her love.

The Mabinogion,
Trans. Lady Charlotte Guest
Angelic creature of Light : et datae sunt mulieri duae alae aquilae magnae ut volaret
         Fantasy  \ Angelic Mythology \Wingspan\oiketerion \ Created eons ago
Naked blonde female angel drawing
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Gallery Display - Sold as Framed Prints.
Medium : Pencil Sketch (on Cartridge) 56cm by 40cm : Colour, black B-ground, extra wings,
lens flare added in Adobe Photoshop 1999 A.D.

Design Notes : Alot of my Personal artwork is practise, trying to improve my knowledge of anatomy and structure, in this case as with many others displayed throughout this website, its bird wings, with great big predatory wing spans :). As a design element I just love them. Original female character based on a delightful individual I met in a coffee shop.
Afterthoughts :
According to an article in : (Dr Joe Rosen) works at the acclaimed Dartmouth Medical Centre, and has been a scientific advisor to NASA. He is fond of making statements such as: "Human wings will be here. Mark my words." He believes in all seriousness that within five years he will be able to graft wings on to a human being`s body. This is possible because our brains adapt to create neural maps for new body parts. When we have a limb amputated, our neural map of that limb gradually fades away; and if we gain a body part, our neural map expands accordingly.
"If I were to give you wings, you would develop, literally, a winged brain. Our bodies change our brains, and our brains are infinitely mouldable," Rosen has said.
Surgical techniques already in existence can be used to stretch torso fat and rejig rib bones to create a wing. Although no human would be able to fly, they would resemble angels and have full sensation in their new hanging, boned flaps of flesh. Rosen has designed blueprints. Welcome to the new world of radical plastic surgery,

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"Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down."
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