Endoskeleton Series 800 Cyberdyne Systems Model 10 (INFILTRATOR / TERMINATOR ): A logical update to the T600 model, the T800 model uses more advanced technology to produce a unit that is 20% lighter and 40% more powerful. SKYNET [ the first Automated online Defence Network, itself created via SAC-NORAD outsourcing to Cyberdyne Systems Corporation ( working as Cyber Research Systems )] Created this Cybernetic Organism to pass as a human being. Designed as a hybridization of specially grown tissue enveloping a fiber-wafer neural net microprocessor run hyperalloy combat chassis (based on human skeletal design structures ). Bad breath, body odor, flatulence, sweat, blood, and the development of nonlinear speech processing techniques [ high quality speech synthesis, efficient speech coding, improved speech recognition, and speaker identification coupled with an emotive range running the gamut from A all the way through to B ] Made the Organic Camouflage package near perfect. Its nuclear power supply is heavily armored, a secondary UPS is installed to allow the unit a margin of time to continue / complete missions in the event of critical damage. The T800's joint assemblies use frictionless bearings allowing the unit to maneuver through its range of motions faster than the superseded T600. A T800 with custom vat-grown skin can pass for a steroid bloated Austrian 95% of the time......
Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator :
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Artwork of the Terminator astride a Harley

Artwork Details :
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Client : James Cook University (final submission)
Medium :
Acrylic paint (on Canvas) 75cm by 110cm :
Undoctored, created in 1991 A.D.
Notes :
TERMINATOR tm-- Release Date : October 26 1984 -- Budget : $6.5 million
(approximate) -- U.S. Opening Weekend : $4,020,663 -- Worldwide Total : $78,371,200-- Orion Pictures owned the rights to the first film, then they went bankrupt and MGM picked up the rights (for DVD, etc.)
T2 tm -- Release Date : July 3 1991 -- Budget: $102 million (estimated) -- U.S. Opening Weekend: $31,765,506 -- Worldwide Total : $519,843,345 -- Carolco Pictures Inc. & TriStar Pictures produces and released the sequel. It wins four Academy Awards.
T3 tm -- Release Date : July 2, 2003-- Budget: $170-$200 million
(estimated) -- U.S. Opening Weekend: $44,041,440 --Worldwide Total : $433,371,112 -- C2 Pictures produced.
Terminator Salvation tm -- Release Date : May 21, 2009 -- Budget : $200 million
(estimated) -- Halcyon took over the rights.
Soundtrack (music to draw to) : Brad Fiedel - Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Soundtrack)

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