Bad Behaviour : Content illustrated or designed by Anthony Marriott @ Arkhamhaus Images
Bad Behaviour Title Art and Credit Block--Written & Directed by JOSEPH SIMS
Ricky Bartlett JOHN JARRATT 
Jennifer Brown 	GEORGINA SYMES 
Jane Bartlett JEAN KITTSON 
Voyte Parker ROGER WARD 
Director of Photography JUSTIN CERATO 
Production Designer SHAUN MCINTOSH 
Costume Designer MELODY COOPER
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For a feature film with an ensemble cast, character posters are sometimes created, each featuring an individual character from the movie. Usually they contain the name of the actor/actress, with or without the name of the character played. Poster Concept art is a form of illustration where the main goal is to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, or mood in this case for the film Bad behaviour before it is put into the final product. Also referred to as visual development / concept design.
Bad behaviour AXE Concept poster
Original Bad behaviour Concept poster
Bad Behaviour Horror Poster Concept Art
The reason behind character posters appears to be twofold – 1) they form part of a large-scale marketing package that includes other traditional elements including teaser trailers, theatrical posters, teaser posters, banners, and 2) they are meant to impart recognition in relation to a large cast of characters, If indeed the film features enough people that are all essential to its narrative, sure, give them their own poster to create interest for the movie-going masses.
Caroline Levien's Bad Behaviour Emma character poster
Let's not forget Character posters are a cheap and fast way to attempt media buzz. “The technology is better, so you can cook things up faster…and the printing is cheaper, so you can run this shit off like nobodies’ business, and hell, you don’t even necessarily have to print them. Put them online and your client saves cash.” You would be hard pressed to find most of these character creations out in the wild. The majority of today’s character posters exist in digital formats only, easy to diseminate across the interwebs, for example see
Bad Behaviour Robert Coleby one sheet Character poster
Bad behaviour Georgina Symes character poster
Bad Behaviour Dwaine Stevenson one sheet Character poster

Director Joseph Sim's Debut Feature Film, BAD BEHAVIOUR, will hurl you into antagonists Emma and Peterson’s dark and vicious world as they flee from their fearsome nemesis: Voyte Parker (Roger Ward). Sim's lurid genre blurring cinema will have you standing alongside Bartlett (John Jarratt) as he confronts his son's murderers. You'll wince as Mark (Dwaine Stevenson) unravels as his wife's infidelity is revealed. BAD BEHAVIOUR's storylines intertwine as two sociopaths drift into the sleepy coastal town of Cecil Bay, bringing with them a maelstrom of eye gouging destruction and death.

This Serial Killer Thriller infuses its own landscape with a fine blend of graphic violence, distinctive characters and punchy dialogue.

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