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Baldwin Films Logo Design
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Baldwin Films logo

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Collaborator : MEDiAKiN / Production Company : Baldwin Films Pty Ltd
Brief : Create Logo from concepts suggested by production team.
Medium :
Digital : BW Illustration. Created in Adobe Photoshop CS2 2009 A.D.

Technique : Working from reference photos of bronzed horse sculptures (owned and loved by the Baldwins) as well as other horse sketches and concepts, the company logo was illustrated in Photoshop with a wacomm tablet using block colours of black, white and a grey tone. The film strip was dr
awn as a front elevation and then distorted using the PS perspective tool. Gradients were added to suggest light streaming through the film cell.
Notes : Baldwin films is a Film Production company run by Danny and Sue Baldwin. Both are dedicated to creating commercially viable, high quality films with an international appeal. The one thing (okay there are more) that endears me to these guys is this dearly loved movie from my youth that they were stunties on :).

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" This is stupid. We should be fucking and drinking by now."–Sallow
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