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    Many are the Darkling forgotten facets of world and boundless is our secret fascination with them ...

Trasharama agogo. takes the Beast... Best of their Film Festival chock full of Short Baaaaad Taste Horror, Sci-fi, Grind-house gore, Dodgymentaries,  Cheesy Animations, Z-grade Schlock, Slasheriffic SINema and other Filmic Disasterpieces around Australia for their 14th Anniverscary.... November this year, screening the funniest sinematic sludge ( including Frank Daft's Final Feaces and the claymation masterpiece 'gumby grows a new tit' ) from the most warped filmmakers around. ( cue Vincent Price cackle )

"As it has always been... so shall it be again, crazier than ever with more surprises than a drunken night in Thailand....and twice as fun as a tree monkey down your pants..."

Tribal Theatre
2011 : Trasharama- Agogo A3 Promotional Poster
    ZombieTown  \ Sindee the Chthonic Re-animated blonde cheerleader | 03/11/11
it's the Best of Trasharama agogo
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Trasharama A-go-go's Annual short Horror Film Festival.
Brief : Create Comic book Style Promotional poster.
Medium : Digital illustration
: illustrated in Adobe Photoshop 2011 a.d. The Character (Sindee the Undead cheerleader) is designed for promotional flyers, as splashpage art for the Trasharama website and to be sold as tshirts and badges on the national tour.
Design notes :

Soundtrack (music to draw to) :

promotional Flyer layout
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"Is it necrophillia if both parties are dead...."
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