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s I thus mused, with half shut eyes, while the sun sank rapidly to rest and eddying currents careered round and round the island, bearing upon their bosom large, dazzling, white flakes of the bark of the sycamore- flakes which, in their multiform positions upon the water, a quick imagination might have converted into any thing it pleased, while I thus mused, it appeared to me that the form of one of those very Fays about whom I had been pondering made its way slowly into the darkness from out the light at the western end of the island....

The island of the Fay,
Edgar Allen Poe
Fay :
      the Sisterhood  \ Celtic Mythology \ Updated 24/09/07
dragonfly winged farie

a!   What sudden rapture leaps from this I view, through all my senses swiftly flowing!
I feel a youthful, holy, vital bliss in every vein and fibre newly glowing.
Did once a God these signs and figures write that calm my innner violent feeling my troubled heart to joy unsealing; that work their will with secret might, the forces of great nature, round about revealing?

Artwork Details :
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Client : Sold as Framed Prints.
Medium : Original Pencil Sketch (on Cartridge) 20cm by 28cm :
Digital image Composite : in Adobe Photoshop 2005/07 a.d
Design Notes : Exoptable Faerie character created from basic pencil sketch then enhanced. I went for the Insect wing style this time. Background text adapted from "the Island of the Fay by E.A Poe" (although in this version its hardly legible): printed, crumpled soaked, rescanned, sepia tones added. I went a leedle overboard with the soft focus (jury's still out on that one, I was going for the ethereal)
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music to draw to) : Various - Celtc Twilight Vol. 2
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"I think that people who can't believe in fairies aren't worth knowing."  - Tori Amos
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