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Name : Anthony James MARRIOTT

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Before advances in computer technology offered illustrators a functional alternative in the visual arts, Anthony Marriott was happily sitting in a corner somewhere mastering the fundamentals. Studying key illustration skills such as anatomy, life drawing, perspective, light & shade, color theory and design layout with the eternal tools of an illustrator: ink, pens, pencils, paint, brushes and coffee.
After being thrown headlong into Computer Generated Imagery he developed an aptitude for the silicon based tool, gravitating toward Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with a passion. Anthony also acquired substantial training in Sculpting, 2D animation, Special FX and Film Making.

Education :
James Cook University :
Bachelor of Arts: Illustration 1992
 Kirwan State High School : Graduated 1988

Currently Reading : Truth by Terry Pratchett
Last Novel I Enjoyed :
Snuff by Terry Pratchett
Last Film I Enjoyed : Faster, Pussycat! Kill!... Kill!

James Cook University Personal Qualities / Attributes :

Hobbies / Interests :
Ancient History Studies: Celtic and Scythian Tribal Groups, Personal Library Maintenance/ Book collecting and Reading. Collecting Film Scores. Cacti and Succulent Horticulture.
Specialist Skills :
Ability to : Make decisions, coordinate the work of others in bringing projects to successful completion, work on multiple projects at one time, work with clients, take initiative, meet deadlines (rather than listening to the whooshing sound as they go by), work both independently and in collaboration with others. Solve complex technical or design problems, work in a variety of styles and mediums from traditional to digital.

Traditional Artwork :
Advanced illustrative skills, Strong conceptualzation skills. Pens, Pencils, Pastels, Squeaker pens, Cartooning, Gouache, Water Colours, Acrylics.

Digital Artwork :
Adobe Photoshop & Image Ready / Adobe Illustrator : Virtual Illustration and graphic design (Jewellery Template Design & mold making (vector), Catalogue construction & maintenance Scanning & Advanced photo editing and photo restoration skills in Photoshop) Signlab V.5 (for automotive-marine grade vinyl) using Roland camm-1 vinyl cutter plotter.

Video transfer and editing : Adobe Premier 6.5 / pro 7

Web Development :
Website design & layout, updating and maintaining content (Dreamweaver v6 < Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 & Raw Html Coding ), Gif/Flash Animation using Xara 3d 6.

Computers :
PC Hardware/Software problem solving, builds, upgrades, repairs & installs.
Work History :
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Job Title : Graphic Designer
Employer :Daddow SkateBoards-
Gold Coast
Duration of Employment :
June 2011 - Current
Duties : Concept Designs, Print ready art. T-shirt designs. primarily working on an ever-growing art form that resides within the skateboarding subculture. Deck art is something that separates each skateboarder from the rest. An identity to pro skaters and an alternative canvas for graphic artists.
Daddow Skateboards
Job Title : Art Director- Bad Behaviour
Employer : Sterling Cinema-
Gold Coast
Duration of Employment :
January 2010 - Current
Duties : Prop Design/creation, Set Dressing, Desktop publishing, Concept art, Poster Design, Overseeing stills photography, Photo manipulation, website design. IMDB
Bad Behavior feature Film
Job Title : Graphic Designer / Continuity-TPI
Employer : Foresight Films-
Gold Coast
Duration of Employment :
June 2009 - Current
Duties : Photo Manipulation, Concept Art, Poster Design, Desktop publishing, Logo design, prop creation (assisting Art Dept), Set dressing, Continuity (tracking consistency of the characteristics of persons, plot, objects, places and events while script is being filmed--includes reference photography). IT support. IMDB
faux dvd cover
Job Title : Concept Artist/Texture Painter - Awaken
Employer : David Gould Studios -
Gold Coast
Duration of Employment :
April 2007- May 2007
Duties : Introduction into the world of 3D animation learning to use Maya 8.5 and Cinema 4D for the computer animated short film Awaken. The job required a unique style of texture painting for the characters, sets, and props. The film is set in a time of war between humans and robots. A robotic soldier, learns that life is precious. Its newfound convictions are put to the test in the film's climax. IMDB
texture painting

Job Title : Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Employer : Trasharama Agogo Film Festival-
Gold Coast
Duration of Employment : January 2006- Current
Duties :
Poster & flyer designs. Comic-book style character designs & artwork for T-shirts, badges, stubbie coolers, Skateboard Decks.

                    zombeye 2011 submissions poster
Job Title : Graphic Designer /Digital Sign-writer
Employer : Wizard Signs/ Sign Event-
Gold Coast
Duration of Employment : August 2005- November 2005 Duties : Layouts and reproduction, specifically large scale corporate signage for the Gold Coast Indy 2005. Layouts created with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Inhouse banner and vinyl printing using a SOLJET pro II V (sc-545ex print&cut).
Job Title : Graphic Designer /IT Personal
Employer : Lord of the Rings jewellers -
Gold Coast
Duration of Employment :
January 2003- Current
Duties : 2D & 3D jewellery design, R&D, Presentation visuals, Photography / retouching, Catalogue design, Web Site Design / maintenance, mold making, casting, buffing/refining/polishing, Soldering, Product Familiarity, Customer relations, Jewellery Sales, Hardware & Software purchases, installs/upgrades/repairs. Click here to see sample work.
Ring Design for 2006 bike week
Job Title : Graphic Designer/ Illustrator/ Tech Support
Employer : Cynotech (formerly Animatronic Technologies Australia) -
Gold Coast
Duration of Employment :
December 98 - 2008
Duties : Conceptual research and design, Presentation visuals, Creature design and construction, Weapons design and construction, Sculpting, moldmaking, resin casting, Storyboards, HTML presentations, Hardware & Software upgrades and repairs, IT Support and Advice. Click here to see sample Presentation visuals.
hero prop
Job Title : Concrete Rock Sculptor
Employer : Rocks in ya head /
Stone Age Constructions-
Gold Coast
Duration of Employment :
February 2004 -September 2004
Duties : Logo design and Business card design, Concept visuals, Mixing concrete, Sculpting/carving said concrete to look like rocks, boulders, cliff faces. Painting and airbrushing for effect. Outdoor work. Lifting heavy things. Work finished when 'Rocks in ya Head' relocated to mainland China.
Click here to see sample Presentation visuals.
Business Card
Job Title : Freelance Graphic Artist
Employer : Self Employed
Gold Coast - Brisbane - Townsville - Perth
Duration of Employment :
February 98 - Current
Duties :
Graphic Design, Web page design Animated web graphics, Concrete Rock Sculpting, Murals, Desktop Publishing, Commissioned Artworks, Logo design, Business Cards, Flyers, Forms, Catalogues, Squeaker visuals, Photo Retouching/Colouring/Manipulation, Vinyl sticker design & application. raster artwork to vector conversion.
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