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Dream Machines

Dream Machines

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Client : MEDiAKiN / Global /
Brief : Create flashy artwork for television show concept. Car model selected by clients and introduced into artwork.
Medium : Digital images created using Adobe Photoshop 2008 a.d
Design Notes : "Chrome and hot leather"... hang on, that was a baaad grindhouse flick from the 80's.,,,no its a 1 hour television program focusing on mechanical devices utilized as modes of travel and transport: planes, trains, automobiles, ships, trucks, buses and bikes. Although first and foremost a motoring concept, Dream machines also explores more exciting and less well documented forms of travel ... Combining familiar every day type subjects with the spectacular and unusual, Dream machines affords the viewer an intimate exploration of unique and exotic engineered locomotion than would normally be accessible.

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"Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down."
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