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Library of prop DVD cases
Standard black and clear DVD keep cases with script specific cover art as props.
Foresight Films : Feature Film DVD props
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BAD-ARSE Copper Gangsters 2 - Vengence has a sequel
BAD-ASS Copper Gangsters 2 - Vengence has a sequel - Rated R
Ninjitsu Justice- from the Director of  'Faster ninja, Kill, Kill' Night of the Ninja 7 -Ninjitsu is coming for you
Beyond Vice - Townsville Vice 2- Jimmy's Back
The Darker side of Night Townsville Vice
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Collaborator : MEDiAKiN / Production Company : Foresight Films
Brief :
Create DVD covers for specific titles mentioned or suggested in script as well as some background dvds.
Medium :
Digital : BW Illustration. Created in Adobe Photoshop CS3 2009 A.D.

Technique :
Notes : Foresight Films is a Film Production company, their feaure film, The Professional Idiot is based around the character, Joseph Reedman, who is comfortable with his way of life. Seeing himself as almost perfect, Joseph is very clean, structured and has pride in everything he does. He teaches drama at the local town hall. Joseph gets all his encouragement from his miserable father, Keith, and thinks highly of him. His brother Liam, the black sheep of the family, was disowned from the family, but returns after five years, facing a problem that only Joseph can solve. Having social problems, Joseph agrees to help his brother in return for attaining a girlfriend that is way out of reach...

Location: Queensland, Australia

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