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Elvis Meets President NixonWithin the hallowed halls of Graceland are the dimly lit trophy rooms, kept near freezing to preserve the "King's" sacred artifacts : awards, gold records, oil paintings and jewelled costumes. The highlight, one would argue, is the Gold belt awarded to Elvis Presley in 1969 by The management of the Nevada International Hotel (now the Hilton) for his record shattering attendance achievements for a 29-day series of sold out performances in front of 2,000 people per show, two shows a night. Ticket receipts alone had brought in more than $1,5 million. The belt was given by Alex Shoofey to Elvis after his Thursday, August 28, 1969 CS in Las Vegas. Elvis was wearing the belt when he was famously photographed meeting President Richard M. Nixon on December 18, 1970. After exchanging gifts, Nixon, couldn't restrain himself any longer and finally made a comment to The King about his less than conservative choice of attire for a meeting with the President of the United States.
“Well, Mr. President,” Elvis is said to have replied, “you’ve got your gig, and I’ve got mine.”
'Groovy!' (Disclaimer : I am not an Elvis fan.

Elvis Belt Buckle Replica : This Buckle is not for sale! It is a one off creation.
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reproduction of the famous 'Elvis world championship attendance record' belt

The original buckle (see below) was cast in silver, gold plated and studded with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The version we recreated was cast in Sterling Silver then gilded with gold. Financial constraints prevented the use of real gems , never the less this buckle still came in at aprox. $6000.00 (AU)

Elvis Belt Buckle Replica : Sterling Silver, straight out of the mold.

cast Sterling Silver Elvis Belt Buckle replica

jewel encrusted gold plated Replica Elvis Belt Buckle
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Subcontracted out via Robert Möller
Brief : Replicate text, stars and Nevada international hotel logo to scale. Photographic reference was supplied.
Medium : Metallurgical typesetting :Created in Adobe Photoshop 2004 A.D.
Holding Elvis Belt Buckle for scale
Belt Buckle held for sense of scale -the Signature is included due to 'Steve the wannabe elvis' lifting images of this buckle from and claiming ownership-, I can understand using source material from the net but if you own a belt buckle that you think adds to your appeal as a impersonator just take a picture of it ya numbnut :)

Original Elvis Gold Buckle: Photographed in situ at Graceland. The only reasonable scale reference we had to work with at the time.

Design Notes : Two versions of the artwork were commissioned. The former duplicated the idiosyncratic nature of the original buckle's text, the latter was far cleaner, more typeset and is displayed here. The Finished Belt buckle was 18.6 cm wide by 10.8cm high with its final weight coming in at 345 grams (gems inclusive).

The Gems represented were :

Rubies Sapphires Diamonds
10x2mm 10x2mm 56x2mm
10x4mm 10x4mm 10x4mm
1x 6mm 1x 6mm 4x 6mm

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Elvis Wears the gold belt t a friends wedding


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