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Client : © In2image.
Brief :  Create multiple realistic representations of In2image's product line (easy to assemble Brackets) to clearly display their diversity. Accurate dimensions were insisted upon by the client ( it wasn't just a matter of slapping bits of panelling onto photos to suggest the general concept ).
Medium : Digital image manipulation :
Created in Adobe Photoshop 2006 a.d Aprox 60 photos were processed in this manner.
Design Notes :
Friday, 19th September 2008, QLD :In2image wins the "Most Promising Investment" at the 2008 Australian Business Angel Awards -- an annual event to generate interest in early stage investment, promoting awareness of the opportunities in this sector and to recognise key people in the industry for their support and efforts. The award is open to any early stage investment company under 5 years old. The company must be seeking new or additional investment at the time of nomination, they must be able to prove significant intellectual property and must prove potential for export sales. In2image, now 3 years from inception, have completed the development of their range of timber panels, and the business model for retail distribution. Their market is not only the DIY market, but also the lucrative trade markets.

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