Prologue :
"There were great adventures and many foes left for him to face,
before putting aside his SwordAxe and Pipe for the last time
to take leave for the shores of Tir inna Beo.
But those and other tales are to be told. . . at other times. . "
VerSache, Caledonian Freebooter
- the Sunset Years
Anon, Circa 100 B.C.
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King VerSache, Celtic monarch, ancient Scottish hero :
     VerSache the Barbarian   \King VerSache \ Created eons ago
      As the great epic fresco surrounding VerSache unfolds before us, we shall find the society our forebears yearned for, whose       only chance of life lay in the great Celtic dream of freedom regained :

King Versache mighty scottish ruler The Ancient Celtic king was no Tyrant, but a moral leader whose authority operated only through the existing social context. The kingdom of the Celtic monarch extended only as far as his eyes could see. He could not enslave his people or impose his own will upon them unchallenged.

We can find no higher personification of the Celtic king than VerSache, the celebrated ancient Scottish hero and one of the great unknown quantities of history. Historical or legendary, true or false, real or imaginary, none of these distinctions apply.

The reality of King VerSache lies in all the evidence we can muster concerning him, the romances, the histories, his changing face over the years. And through him we shall be able to trace the broad outlines of the Celtic king, the nucleus of an hierarchial society now neglected despite its useful lessons for the modern world.

Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and comments relating to characters and concepts.

MacDougall Family CrestClient : VerSache the Barbarian comic book ( in association with Ian Versace.)
Pen sketch (on Cartridge) 20cm by 28cm :Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop 2001 a.d./ updated in 2004
Design Notes :
Notes on the life and times of VerSache the Barbarian :
Ex libris necessarius VerSache obscurus barbarus :
This extraordinary collection offers striking insight into the historical VerSache the Barbarian.
Compiled, Photographed, Edited, Rebound and Translated by Marjorie Chillblaine :
Today the most ancient of the original documents exist beginning with 600 leaves (or folios) made from hemp, Some folios are of single sheets, most are twice the width, then folded to accommodate 2 pages of text, The decorated pages often occurred on single sheets. The folios had lines drawn for the text, sometimes on both sides. Prick marks and guide lines can still be seen on some pages. The hemp is of high quality, although the folios have an uneven thickness, with some being almost leather, while others are so thin as to be almost translucent. Food, beer and coffee stains abound throughout ...

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Soundtrack (music to draw pure evil to) :
the Ninth Gate (Original Film Score) - Wojciech Kilar

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" Corruptisima republica plurimae leges." (The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.)-- Tacitus, Anals III 27
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