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The Kurgans where an Ancient People from the Steppes of Russia, for amusment they tossed children into pits with hungry dogs to fight for meat. The Kurgan, he is the strongest of all the Immortals. He is the perfect warrior.
If he wins the prize mortal man would suffer an eternity of darkness.

Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez
Chief-Metallurgist to King Charles V of Spain
the Kurgan :
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Client : Personal Folio Piece. Sold as Framed Prints.
Coloured Pencil & Pastel (on Cartridge): Scanned and heavily reworked in Adobe Photoshop
1995 (original) 2004 a.d (second update)
Design Notes :
Born thousands of years ago on the Steppes of Russia, the man known as the Kurgan was raised to fight almost as soon as he could walk. He was an immortal, one of a handful who walked the Earth untouched by age or infirmity, healing almost any wound in minutes, and only able to die a final death if decapitated. The Kurgan's first death occurred in 970 BC, his drunken father crushed his head with a rock. Upon returning to life, the Kurgan forced his father to swallow a searing hot stone, killing him. He then joined a group of bandits that raided caravans. He eventually encountered another Immortal, "The Bedouin," who revealed to him his true nature, mentored and trained him, and taught him the rules of immortality, the "Game": that they lived to one day fight a final contest against one another until only one remained and claimed "the Prize"; that they could not fight on holy ground, they could not attack in numbers, but must face each other in single combat; and that the winner of a fight to death between immortals would gain the loser's "Quickening", their lifeforce and experience. The Bedouin became the only person the Kurgan would call friend. During the intervening centuries, the Kurgan took an incalculable number of Immortal heads.

In the year 476 BC, allying himself with the Persians as part of a special fighting unit, the Kurgan took part in the Battle of Plataea in ancient Greece. During the battle, he faced off with a Spartan warrior who wielded a katana made by the master swordsmith Masamune, strong enough to shatter the Kurgan's blade. He escaped by falling down a cliff, and was borne away by the flow of the battle. From this experience, the Kurgan learnt the value of steel and a well-crafted blade. The Spartan warrior fought in the battle was revealed to be fellow Immortal Tak Ne, whom the Kurgan would also encounter in Babylonia and ancient China.

Circa 410 AD, the Kurgan joined the Vandals, Goths, and Visigoths in attacking Rome and other Roman settlements, also fighting with the Goths against the Huns. He would then later ally himself with the Huns directly, fighting along Attila, around the year 453 AD. From the fifth to thirteenth centuries, the Kurgan would spread terror alongside the Tartars of the Gobi and ancient Turkey, as well as with Viking raiders and the Mongol horde of Genghis Khan.

In the year 1536 AD, the Kurgan hired himself out to Clan Fraser in their battle with the MacLeod clan, in exchange for allowing him to be the one to kill Connor MacLeod. In the midst of combat, the Kurgan challenged MacLeod. Before the inexperienced Connor could strike, he was run through with the Kurgan's broadsword. However, Connor's cousins Angus and Dougal (along with other members of his clan) beat the Kurgan back, rescuing Connor from certain beheading. The Kurgan promised he would finish it, threatening: "Another time, MacLeod!!" Five years later, the Immortal Tak Ne – having now adopted the alias Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez – sought out MacLeod to train him in the ways of the 'quickening' and swordsmanship, in the hope of defeating the Kurgan, who in turn tracked them down to MacLeod's home. MacLeod was not present, but Ramírez and Connor's wife, Heather, were. He battled Ramírez, who managed to slice Kurgan's throat (although the blade did not cut deeply enough) before being impaled and decapitated himself; all while Heather watched.

Soundtrack (music to draw to) : Various - Highlander the Final Dimension.
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"I'd call him a sadistic, hippophilic necrophile, but that would be beating a dead horse." -Woody Allen
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