Overview of Dreamworld Mural:
Overview of Internal wall mural at Dreamworld's Bunya Traders.
Mural - Internal Wall @ Bunya Traders @ Dreamworld GC QLD :
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Dreamworld Mountainscape mural for retail enviroment
Mountainscape Mural runs all the way to the floor, of course I didn't have time to take snaps atr the time of completion so you guys just get to see the crest of the artwork.
wiggle bay mural

wiggle bay mural

Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Subcontracted via Robert Möller

Notes : Bunya Trading Gift Shop (formerly Croc Creek Traders) featuring Australiana souvenirs and gifts of discovery, with a focus on Australia's natural flora and fauna. The giftshop resides within Dreamworld Corroboree ( A collection of wildlife attractions at the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia ). The area is divided into several subsections which allow guests to view the animals in their natural habitats. Dreamworld Corroboree is a registered zoo with 800 native and barnyard animals located within the Dreamworld grounds.
Medium : Acrylic on concrete

"If you're wrong about being wrong. then you're right, ergo, two wrongs make a right..."
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Wiggle Bay Mural

Wiggle Bay mural :
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