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Trasharama agogo's Sindee : A small town girl gone bad
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Zombie Cheerleader
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Dick Dale, founder of the trasharama film festervalClient : Trasharama A-go-go Annual short Film Festerval.
Brief :
Create Promotional comic book Style Art for Trasharama's 'Sindee the Undead Cheerleader' (created by as well as a caricature of Steven Speilbergo's severed head :).
Medium : Digital illustration (Wacom Tablet) :
'Sindee the Undead Cheerleader' created in Adobe Photoshop 2008 a.d. Character is to be displayed in promotional flyers, on the trasharama website and sold as badges, a variation on the above Sindee artwork sells as t-shirts (Pictured here worn by the founder of Trasharama: the inconceivable Dick Dale).
Design notes :
This is one Job I Just love doing, its not every ones cup of tea, but hey I grew up watching 70's and 80's horror flicks. The concept this year was to tie in with the additional title 'Slop & CHopFest'.

music to draw zombies to) : Wojciech Kilar - The Ninth Gate (Film Score)
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