Prologue : Part one of the Townsville Vice Bilogy
Townsville ViceBack in the late eighties James "Jimmy" Blubbs, of the Townsville Vice Squad, suffered a psychotic break and went off on a vengence fueled anti-drug Killing Spree, starting with the disembowlment of a junkie, in some sort of bizzare ritualized homage to Alfred Hitchcock.
Ironically, Blubbs and his longtime partner Jason "Funny" Crockett were assigned the case. Crocket may have caught on to Jimmy's descent into madness sooner had he not been distracted by the theft of his beloved car. Blubbs murderous rampage didn't stop until he'd carved his way to the top of Townsville's illegal drug trade : The nefarious 'Kingpin', Dr Winston O'Boogie. "Funny" Crockett's timely arrival thwarted the attack (Although O'Boogie escaped harm at the hands of Blubbs, he was killed soon afterwards in an unrelated dog attack). Crocket and Blubbs fought on an overpass near the Druglord's apartment. After being wounded jimmy threw himself from the overpass, ending his twisted existance.

Townsville Vice : Some things are best left forgotten.
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Townsville Vice DVD Jacket

Townsville Vice Client : Personal
Medium :
Video Production : Colour (60 Minutes approx) 1987 ( Great Googly Moogly! )
Design Notes : The Townsville Vice Concept came from the collective minds of Jason Kelly, Steven Trueman, Adrian Charles, Zenon Kohler & Anthony Marriott. Filming began April 20th 1987.

Film Making Experience :
Solum (short) (post-production)-graphic designer -2011
Sleeper (Completed)- transcription / captioning --2009
Bad Behaviour (Completed-Film Festival circuit-international sales)-- Art Director / Concept Artist--2010
Sanctum(Released 04 Feb 2011) -- 2nd Assistant Accountant (stop laughing)--2009
The Professional Idiot(Completed-Sneak Screenings)-- Concept Art / Props / Continuity & script supervisor --2009
©lownrunner( Pre-Production--still )--Concept Artist / Writer --2008
5 Blue Dogs (Pre Production / Purgatory ???) Pre-Prod Poster Concept Art --2008
Awaken (Animated Short) (Completed 2009 - Film Festival circuit -international sales)-- Concept Artist / Texture Painter--2007
Singh is Kinng (Released August 08, 2008) 2nd assistant accountant ( again stop wih the laughing) -- 2007
5L339W4LK3R (Pre Production / Purgatory ???) Storyboards --2007
The Patrolman(Screened @ the Trasharama film festerval )-- Actor / Writer / Director--2006
BorderPatrol (Released 2003) Concept Art / Prop Construction -- 2001
Information wants to be free! (short) (Completed)--Director/Editor--1994
Living Color (Completed- television release) Concept Art / Poster Design --1992

Beyond Vice ( Townsville Vice II- Jimmy's Back ) (Completed)--Actor / Director / Writer / Editor-- 1991
Townsville Vice(Completed)--Actor/Stunts --1987

Townsville Vice Soundtrack : ( Watermelon

Track Title Artist
1 Transformation Seduction (he's Outside the Apartment) Giorgio Moroder
2 Taxman (Comic Sniffin') the Beatles
3 Shower Scene (time to die, Farty Bumwipe) Bernard Herrmann
4 Original Miami Vice Theme (Townsville Vice Title Theme) Jan Hammer
5 Landspeeder Search/Attack of the Sand People (Medley) London Philharmonic
6 The Twilight Zone (the Cars Gone) Marius Constant
7 You Belong to the City (Dealing with Car-loss) Glenn Frey
8 Clean Cut Boy (Jim's Book Exchange) Bananarama
11 Moving Right Along (Sneakin') Kermit & Fozzie (Jim Henson, Frank Oz)
12 Mrs. Deagle (O'Boogies car ) Jerry Goldsmith
13 Tomorrow Never Knows (Dr Winston O'boogie) The Beatles
14 Bishop's Countdown (Encounter with Jimmy) James Horner
15 A Day In The Life The Beatles
16 Lulllaby Of Duckland (Jimmy Rests) John Barry
17 Night Visitor/No Complaints (Jimmy's Nightmare) Jerry Goldsmith
18 Gimme The Prize (waking up) Queen
19 New York Theme Jan Hammer
20 Can You Picture That (Down at the Warf) The Muppets
21 Alf (Finale snapshot) Tom Kramer & Alf Clausen
22 I'm On My Way (back to O'boogies) Thomas Dolby
23 Heartbeat (I'm searching for a---) Don Johnson
25 Mrs. Deagle's Death Jerry Goldsmith
26 barbie and the rockers (interlude) Various Artists
27 Chase (to the Overpass) Jan Hammer
28 Flash Back Jan Hammer
29 Bishop's Countdown (Again) James Horner
30 The Autopsy (possible) Giorgio Moroder
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