Prologue :
    Many are the Darkling forgotten facets of world and boundless is our secret fascination with them ...

...And so the word came southward. The Night wind whispered it, the ravens croaked of it as they flew, and the grim bats told of it to the owls and serpents that lurk in hoary ruins. Werewolf and Vampire knew, and the ebon-bodied demons that prowl by night. The sleeping Night of the World stirred and shook its heavy mane, and there began a throbbing of drums in the deep darkness, and the echoes of far weird cries frightened men who walked by dusk. For Trasharama had come again into the world to fulfil its cryptic destiny.

2011 : Trasharama- Agogo A3 Promotional Poster
    ZombieTown  \ Re-Animated Mutant Zombie EyE Balls | 29/07/11

Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Trasharama A-go-go's Annual short Horror Film Festival.
Brief : Create Comic book Style Promotional poster.
Medium : Digital illustration (
Wacom Tablet) : The Zomb-Eye illustrated in Adobe Photoshop 2009 a.d. The Characters are designed for promotional flyers, as splashpage art for the Trasharama website and to be sold as tshirts, badges and stubbie coolers on the national tour.
Design notes :

Soundtrack (music to draw to) :

promotional Flyer layout
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"Is it necrophillia if both parties are dead...."
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