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has finished taking submissions of short Horror & Sci-fi films, Bad Taste Comedies, Dodgymentaries,  Cheesy Animations, B-grade Schlock and other Filmic Disasterpieces for their Australian 2006 competition.
After creating the artwork for the 2006 festival I teamed up with a workmate/friend and submitted a 9 minute featurette " the Patrolman". It was a hoot churning out some Z-grade special effects and getting back into post production again. The 2005 Festerval introduced me to the enchanting ballad "I'd Fuck anything" and the delightful Dracenstein ...


3rd place 2005 Trasharama Film Festival
Directors : Tom Priestley & Bill Flowers TAS

Trasharama Sample Poster & Cheerleader Zombie character :
    ZombieTown  \ Undead Art \Lycanthropic Cameraman\ Zombie CheerSquad \Swampland Sound-Monster | 06/09/06

Trasharama agogo character art for 2006 festival
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.
Trasharama 2006 T-shirt DesignClient : Trasharama A-go-go Annual Film Festival.
Brief : Update, enhance and add characters to existing promotional artwork. An understanding of horror movies was a must. Plus the client requested a variation of my White Werewolf artwork.
Medium : Pen Sketchs : 1. ( Digital composition) 20cm by 28cm 1200 dpi
Zombie cheerleader with clapperboard, traditional werewolf with super-8 camera and the Soundman from the swamp are all Hand drawn, scanned, cleaned up, then additional linework added and colour added in Adobe Photoshop 2006 a.d
Digital illustration : 2. Zombie Cheerleader (with pompoms) created in Adobe Photoshop 2006 a.d
. Character displayed in promotional flyers, website, badges and T-shirts (pictured right).
Design notes : 1. The artwork is displayed as a sample flyer. Print and web publication may vary. Trasharama's 'Zombie Girl' character was not my creation (pre-existing promotional feature), Substantial changes however (fleshing out the character, so to speak) have been made giving 'her' more depth (as deep as a toxic-green brain eater can be). 2. When I was first introduced to the character I just assumed she was a cheerleader (prob. the blonde pigtails), hence the outfit in the second design. I like her FM boots. To allow for text to image constraints a half length version was designed (see top of page).
Soundtrack (music to draw to) : Fantomas - The Director's Cut
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2006 Trasharama Film Submission
ClownRunner-- the Movie.

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