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Every year Sinematic disasterpieces are up for wining prizes and scoring national exposure. Trasharama agogo also accepts films from all over the world in a special international category: Freaks from beyond the land of the great white cloud! Pre-2007 Trasharama Short Film Festervals have yielded: a werewolf in the dark forests of Tasmania, Bogan zombies, killer lesbian go-go dancers, rabid marsupials, vampire babes, nasty aliens, dog poo doco's, Post-coital psychosis, demented animations, even a Remake.....


3rd Place 2006 Trasharama Film Festival
Director: Kit Mcdee QLD

Sindee unleashed for another year :
    Gallery 1  \Dangerous Power Tools\ Zombie Art \Shapeshifting D.O.P\ Radioactive Decay Display | 16/09/07
Trasharama agogo character art for 2007 festival
Artwork Details :
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Client : Trasharama A-go-go Annual short Film Festival.
Brief : Update and enhance Trasharama's 'Sindee the Undead Cheerleader' character (created by for this years festerval, as well as supplying additional artwork.
Medium : Digital illustration:(mouse) 'Sindee the Undead Cheerleader' created in Adobe Photoshop 2007 a.d. Character is to be displayed in promotional flyers, on the Trasharama website and sold as badges, previous Sindee artwork sells as t-shirts. The Werewolf cameraman character has been reposed and had his camera updated.
Soundtrack (music to draw to) :
Reanimator Film Score, by Richard Band .

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