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    Many are the Darkling forgotten facets of world and boundless is our secret fascination with them ...
2014 : Trasharama-Agogo New character logo- Animated
    ZombieTown  \ the Adamski FooFighter & Pilot | updated 28/12/16
12 Parsecs my Arse! It's the UFOO-Fighter

Trasharama Promo Art -- The Greys launched the last of the Zeta Reticulonian deep Space probes, in a freaky mishap, Ranga 3 and its pilot, Captain Kang Foo FeighTa, were blown out of their trajectory into an orbital slingshot thingy which froze his life support systems, and flung Kang toward an obscure body in the S-K System, whos inhabitants refer to it as Earth, he would arrive 500 years later

Landscape version of the Adamski UFO. The Greys launch the last of the Zeta Reticulonian Deep Space probes, in a freak mishap, Ranga 3 and its pilot, Captain Kang Foo FeighTa, are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems, and whizzes Kang to Earth....

There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe...with tribes of big eyed, hairless, grey squidgy things... who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians... or the Toltecs... or the Mayans, suggesting these ancient tribes were just fugly! Some believe there may yet be scrotum textured diminutive humanoid beings ... who even now fight to survive - somewhere beyond the heavens!

Facebook Header Art for the Trasharama agogo short film festival
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Trasharama A-go-go's Annual short Horror Film Festival.
Brief : Update Animated introductory piece used at the start of every viewing of the Trasharama agogo film festival.
Medium : Digital illustration
: Created in Adobe Photoshop 2014 a.d. and then animated in Adobe After Efects with the consistent assistance and question answering from Aaron Wakem- artwork updated in Oct 2016. The Pilot: Captain Kang Foo-Feighta ( based on classic UFology - is one of the consubstantial Alien Greys also referred to as "Greys", "Grays", "Roswell Greys", and... "Zeta Reticulans" - alleged extraterrestrials from outa space.


The original reference to the Greys is commonly associated with the Betty and Barney Hill abduction claim dating bake to 1961. ) The Pilot's Craft follows the design suggested by the Adamski UFOTO hoax. The Sci-Fi element was much needed as all the other Trasharama characters used to promote the nastiest short film festival are straight out of the horror genre (zombies, a werewolf, a swamp creature, undead body parts). The animated piece featured at the top of this page is to be used as the title sequence intro for Trasharama's national tour (starting at MonsterFest).

As a side note Zeta Reticuli is a wide binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum. From the southern hemisphere the pair can be seen as a naked eye double star in very dark skies. Based upon parallax measurements, this system is located at a distance of about 39 light-years (12 parsecs) from the Earth. The graffiti on the side of the alien spacecraft is not a reference to that (however serendipitous), I was trying to reference STARWARS "It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs." As indicated above a parsec is a unit of distance and not time, Han Solo twice boasted about the speed of the Milenium Falcon by claiming it made the Kessel Run in "less than twelve parsecs."

Venusian scout photographed by George Adamski 13 dec 1952

Design notes : November 20, 1952 -- near Desert Center ( a town not a point of reference ), California: George Adamski  ( He was to be the first, and most famous, of the "contactees" of the 1950s ) and several of his friends were in the Colorado Desert when they purportedly saw a large submarine-shaped object hovering in the sky. Believing that the ship was looking for him, Adamski is said to have left his friends and to have headed away from the main road. Shortly afterwards, according to Adamski's accounts, a scout ship made of a type of translucent metal landed close to him, and its pilot, a Venusian called Orthon, disembarked and sought him out. Adamski claimed that the people with him also saw the Venusian ship, and several of them later stated they could see Adamski meeting someone in the desert, although from a considerable distance. Adamski described Orthon as being a medium-height humanoid with long blond hair and tanned skin wearing reddish-brown shoes, though, as Adamski added, "his trousers were not like mine." Adamski said Orthon communicated with him via telepathy and through hand signals. During their conversation, Orthon is said to have warned of the dangers of nuclear war, and Adamski later wrote that "the presence of this inhabitant of Venus was like the warm embrace of great love and understanding wisdom." Adamski said that Orthon had refused to allow himself to be photographed and instead asked Adamski to provide him with a blank photographic plate, which Adamski says that he gave him. When Orthon left, Adamski said that he and George Hunt Williamson were able to take plaster casts of Orthon's footprints, which contained mysterious symbols.

Orthon is said to have returned the plate to Adamski (at Palomar Gardens Mount Palomar, Calafornia) on December 13, 1952, at which point it was found to contain new strange symbols. It was during this meeting at 9:00 am that Adamski is said to have taken a now famous "hovering" UFO photograph using his 6-inch (150 mm) telescope. The UFO looked suspiciously like the lids of water coolers that he delivered for a living; this was because they were, in fact, the lids of water coolers he sold for a living tossed into the air and photographed from afar.

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"Is it Necrophilia if both parties are dead?
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