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DVD Cover Art for Border Patrol / Morderische JagdMiami detective, Freddy Chavez (Michael Delorenzo) steps across the invisible "border" between the living and the dead only to learn that the world in between is populated by hard-working gumshoes chasing down "deceased" villains who try to escape from beyond and return to this mortail coil, policing the barrier between life and death by pursuing tainted spirits who have returned to the Earthly plane without a valid license.
He teams up with Cal Numan (Clayton Rohner), a wisecracking, fedora-wearing, zoot-suited "ethereal" dick, to recapture the sinister phantasm Dr. Helms (Lewis Fitzgerald), a serial-killing surgeon with a mutated soul capable of reincorporation. Cal will need to seek advice from the all-knowing yet child-like Hieronymus...
Good Guys. Bad Guys. Dead Guys. It's Going To Be One Hell Of A Night!
Steampunk Style GhostBustin' Pistol Prop :
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Cal Numan (Clayton Rohner) sizes up an undead target

Steampunk inspired Plasma Pistol Hero Prop

Border Patrol (TV Movie 2000) on IMDb
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.
Client : Village Road show Production Services via Animatronic Technologies Australia (now Cynotech).
Weapon creation :
Plasma-blaster: 33cm width.
Design Notes : 2 Versions of the Ecto-Plasma Blaster created, Working alongside Wayne Nelson on the Sci-fi Flick Border Patrol (2001 --TV Movie) Shot in and around the Gold Coast QLD Australia.
Running Time: 89 Minutes
Genre: Detective Film/Sci-fi Noir. For some serious OTT Rayguns try Dr. Grordborts Infallible Aether Oscillators, a line of immensely dangerous yet simple to operate wave oscillation weapons.:)
Soundtrack (music to draw to) :
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Poster for Border Patrol Film
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