Prologue :
     Send in the Clowns.
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©omedy is our goal here at PieWell
'More Humor than Humour' is our motto.

 " Stage-lighting that burns twice as bright lasts half as long...
...and your spotlight has burned so very brightly, Roy. "

---Eldon PieWell ---
Technocratic 'god' of Bio-Mc©lownics
'Concept Design for the Film Proposal '©lown-Runner' :
     Cinematic Poster Art \ Clownrunner | Sci-Fi | Short Film | updated 23/07/08

After a bloody mutiny by a HUMoRUS 6
 Promotional team in an Off-world Fast Food Restaurant, 
Repli-©lowns were declared illegal 
on Earth - under penalty of death.
     Special police squads - ©LOWN RUNNER 
UNITS - had orders to shoot to kill, upon
 detection, any trespassing Repli-©lown.
     This was not called execution. 
     It was called Die! You motherfucking 
     clown, die die die!
animated ©lownRunner Logo

"To the Future or to the Past , To a time when humour icosts nothing... To a time when Free range Clowns exist, and when a joke is told it cannot be untold... From the age of dystopian copyright infringment, from the age of Mega-Corporations, from the age of Faster Food, from the age of Double-Double-Ba©on burgers - - Greetings!"

A dystopian vision of the future, examining concepts of Bioinformatics, computational biology and multi-stellar corporate copyright infringment ....

-- THE CLOWNS OF TOMORROW -- they're everyware

--"They were designed to copy Clowns in every way except their Improvizational skills. The designers reckoned that after a few years they might develop their own routines; observational humour, political content, smut, anger, envy. So they built in a fail-safe device : Geengineered Obsolescence --' Excelerated de-©lownitude"--
Actually, The real rationale behind Excelerated de-©lownitude is to generate long-term sales volume by reducing the time between repeat purchases. Piewell Corporation believes that the additional sales revenue it creates more than offsets the additional costs of research and development and opportunity costs of existing product line cannibalization.

Progeria in Scurra Syndrome-Excelerated de-©lownitude (PiSSED) is an Geengineered disorder deliberately introduced into the major architectural proteins of Repli-©lown ©ell nuclei. The earliest symptoms manifest in the ©lowns final quadmester with a localized scleroderma-like skin condition combined with facial tics. As the Repli-©lown ages beyond 1010 24 hour cycles, additional conditions become apparent. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (a form of motor neuron disease) combines with a variety of dysplastic abnormalities of the skin, nervous system, bones, endocrine organs and blood vessels, in particular smoothly rounded or lobulated tumours surrounding the nasal cavity, swelling of the hands and feet leading to grotesque overgrowth of soft tissue and bone in limbs or around the orbit.

No treatments have thus far been effective, alterations to the evolvement of an ©omedic life system have all proved fatal. A Humorus Deoxyribonucleic Acid (HDNA) or 'comedy' sequence cannot be revised once it's been established. Few Repli-©lowns exceed 1025 24 hour cycles. At least 50% of subjects die from complications of atherosclerosis, such as heart attacks or strokes as their bodies are taxed by the engorged nature of their now oversized cartoonlike extremities. The remaining ©lowns die of involuntary emotional expression disorder (IEED). Repli-©lowns find themselves laughing uncontrollably at things that are only moderately funny, being unable to stop themselves for several minutes. There is no Neurodegeneration associated with this, althought the subject's sense of humor is exacerbated (in combination with IEED the effects are devastating ). The maturation of these symptoms is comparable to comedy at a rate six to eight times faster than normal, Imagine watching a filmed performance of a Jerry Lewis/Jim ©arrey Hybrid  as the featured performer is slowly inflated anally with helium and the sped up footage has been edited by David Lynch.

Episodes are mood-incongruent : A subject will begin to laugh uncontrollably when angry or frustrated. Near the end it's just laughter non stop...

Isolated experimental Treatments have focused on reducing complications, via heart bypass surgery or low-dose aspirin. Repli-©lowns may also benefit from a high-calorie diet. (But again why bother? its cheaper to just go out and buy another one)

Growth hormone treatment has been attempted. EMS recombination proved a failure. A type of anti-cancer drug, the farnesyltransferase inhibitors (FTIs), have been proposed by the clown rights group “Pagliacci’s Liberation Front” (PLF), but their use has been highly experimental. A phase II clinical trial using the FTI Lonafarnib began in AUG 2015. Treatment of IEED is usually pharmacological, using antidepressants such as fluoxetine, citalopram, or amitriptyline in low to moderate doses. A combination of dextromethorphan and a subtherapeutic dose of quinidine is another option, but still only a stop gap measure. If The Subject's heart doesn't explode first, it will eventually laugh itself to death.

Rep-©ollect :

Abbreviation for the Repli-©lowns Collection (Division), also referred to as 'the Juice Works', a planet-wide police department with special authorities. The primary directive of the department is to track and neutralise escaped/trespassing Repli-©lowns, thus protecting the public from the insidious scourge of copyright infringement. Rep-©ollect is a rather small and specialised division, steeped in secrecy and only vaguely acknowledged by the HomeWorld general public. Needless to say, Rep-©ollect and Pie-Well Corporation do not co-operate very well. Rep-©ollectors are popularly called ©lown Runners.

The War on Humor:

There’s nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight ”. -- Lon Chaney

The Anti Repli-©lown Repatriation Act of 2018 : The now infamous 'Clowning Around' Act - - Instigated by the Federated Terran HomeWorld Government (formerly McDonalds™ Corporation) declaring Repli-©lowns illegal on the Earth, its surrounding atmosphere and satellites. Giving official sanction for ©lown Runner Units to 'Retire with extreme prejudice' any and all Repli-©lowns, in furtherance of the HomeWorld government's aims or policies. Previous to the A.R.©.R act , terms like 'Extraordinarily moving' rendition and interpretive rendition were used to describe the OffWorld transfer of a Repli-©lown and other Transgenics.

©lownrunner's FutureSpeak Lexicon :

Paint job : Harsh slang term in reference to a repli©lown.
Beta-©lowns : The original Hum-R-us phase had a secondary title to differentiate from Clowns proper.
This inspired the query :
What sort of entertainer are you?
Answer : Beta-©lown
Response : Don't mind if I do!
©lown Juice : The fluid resulting from punching a ©lown.
PerformAutons : In an attempt to revitalise the Ron-Alt McDonald counter-service Model™ Franchise, Piewell Corp instigates Project : Next-Fun, these repli©lowns were referred to as the Next-us series or PerformAutons ( ©lowns designed by ©lowns ). A re-call is issued, the PerformAuton’s rebel. It is all the more tragic in that they were young. But, had they lived very, very long lives, they could not have expected nor would they have wished to see as much of the mad and macabre as they were to see that day. For them an idyllic summer Mc-Happy day on Voltron 77 became a nightmare. The Events of that day were to lead to one of the most horrendous acts in the annals of corporate history. Few PerformAutons escaped what was to become known as the Next-us Mc-Chainstore Massacres.
'Cancelled' performance : To punch a clowns ticket so to speak.
RePel-©lowns : Off World performers refusing to except their genetically designed place in the universe.
Gelfs : (Genetically Engineered Life Forms)
Bioroids : Who many consider to be the next step in human evolution.
Repli-Can'ts : Limited edition reproductions of historical figures and deceased celebrities. Impossible to replicate effectively using current technology.

A small group of RePel-©lowns remain free and unharmed : Led by Roy Bongo the Clowno.

--"There was an escape from an off-world Circus. 6 Repli-©lowns, 3 male, 2 female, 1 mime. They slaughtered 23 audience members and jumped a shuttle. An aerial patrol spotted the ship off the coast. No crew, no sight of them. 3 nights ago they tried to break into the PIEWELL CORPORATION. One of them got fried pissing on an electrical fence. We lost the others...."--


Suggestions :

All the Repli©lowns are German, or german made, look at Bongo ( and Rutger for that matter ) - cold, Aryan poster boy, flawless makeup - sort of like the ©lone equiv of Volvo ( possibly speaking in german between themselves with subtitles trans: Marc of course) this would explain why their not funny, won't do what their told, and the whole extermination/genocide thing works well in reverse. -- Klowns Der Zukunft --
The difference in background themes between Blade Runner and Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, Phillip K. Dick portrayed his "andys," or replicants, in D.A.D.O.E.S as thinly disguised Nazis. Powerful humans who had absolutely no sense of empathy or emotional connection with what Lincoln refered to as ' the better by the better angels of our nature'. Therefore, D.A.D.O.E.S's replicants are dangerous. Soulless entities who were Mr Dick's allusion to what he perceived as an out-of-control culture drifting towards an increasingly selfish, heartless society. However, Ridley Scott viewed his replicants in a totally different light. refering to them as "supermen who couldn't fly," genuinely superior beings who were being ruthlessly manipulated by their genetic inferiors ( you can see how that just screams fat mcdonalds upper management shitting on spotty teanage employees ).

Repli©lowns Rights Groups Up In Arms Over “©lownist” Terminology :
Long upset over what they consider “second-class citizen” status, clown advocacy organizations have begun a strong push for respect. Leading the way is the controversial clown rights group “Pagliacci’s Liberation Front” (PLF), which in the past has used very aggressive tactics to advocate for fair treatment.

Repli©lown Manifesto: “ For centuries our forefathers the Clowns have been bringing joy and laughter to untold billions,” said PLF spokesman Bingo Snickerdoodle. “From the legendary gladiatorial clown Maximus Humerus Ossis to renowned Irish entertainer Flowers McSoaky to Wild West legend Pogo ‘Snakebit’ Sweeney. They gave their all to make others happy. What has their reward been? Mockery, taunting, disrespect.”

Snickerdoodle maintains that no other group of individuals throughout the United Star Systems (USS) has been discriminated against to the level that ©lowns have.

“©lownism is an enormous problem. The amount of 'Beta-©lowning' in the off-world colonies today far exceeds the amount of discrimination faced by the next closest group (the Mimes). Think about the language that is used in our culture: ‘I fucked her silly’ or ‘I beat him silly’. What is that? Does this mean that ©lowns are twisted perverts? Are we violent individuals to be feared? This sort of language is just not funny.

However, I will say this: the game has changed. You send one of ours to therapy, we’ll send two of yours to a noon-day viewing of The Day the Clown Cried. You put a whiny kid with a diaper full of chalupas on our lap, we’ll come back at you with an extra loud honky-horn. We ©lowns will no longer be anybody’s… umm… ©lowns. ”

Additional Data :

Anything, ANYTHING that can be done to a ©lown can be done to a human being, and we can do most anything to ©lowns. This is a hard thing to think about, but it's the truth. It won't go away just because we cover our eyes.

Dna sequencing

Bio-Mc©lownics :

Bioinformatics and computational biology involve the use of techniques including applied mathematics, informatics, statistics, computer science, artificial hilarity, chemistry, and biochemistry to solve biological problems usually on the molecular level. Research in computational biology often overlaps with systems biology. Major research efforts in the field include sequence alignment, gene finding, genome assembly, protein structure alignment, protein structure prediction, prediction of gene expression and protein-protein interactions. Bio-Mc©lownics all began with the identification of the chromosomal location of the 'sense of humor' (SOH) gene. Localisation of the gene did not initially enable amplification of the relevant genomic sequence.

Molecular ©lowning Proper refers to the procedure of isolating the Humorus Deoxyribonucleic Acid (HDNA) sequence ( jokingly refered to in the industry as the source of the funny bone upon its discovery) and obtaining multiple copies of it from a pre-existing Clown (the Templant). ©lowning is frequently employed to amplify HDNA fragments containing SOM genes, an essential step in their subsequent analysis.

©lowning a HDNA sequence involves the following 5 steps :

Confirmation -- Initially, the funny fragments must be confirmed as 'seriously funny' (SF) or in extreme cases 'funny as fuck' (FAF).
Amplification -- Using the Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process.
Ligation         -- Endonuclease digestion of the amplfied SFHDNA with a plasmid vector will allow formation of a recombinant plasmid.
Transfection  -- The recombinant plasmid is introduced into a bacterial host cell or 'funny shit' (FS).
Selection       -- The transfected cell is cultured allowing the recombinant SFHDNA to replicate and divide along with it. For this electroporation is most commonly employed, although a number of alternative techniques are available, such as chemical sensitivation of cells or tickilng the cells with a feather. The recombinant SFHDNA can be cut out with the same endonuclease with which is was inserted, and then purified.
Further investigation of the resulting colonies or 'Funny Farms' is required to confirm that ©lowning was successful. This can be accomplished by means of blue/white screening (a-factor complimentation) on X-gal medium and/or PCR, possibly followed by DNA sequencing...

Funny Farms are kept metabolically inactive and can remain in total stasis for several years while in a dry, oxygen-free environment, even at temperatures below freezing. This characteristic is called cryptobiosis (also called diapause). Once placed in a liquid nutrient medium (red cordial), the cyst-like cell structures begin to divide and multiply, and will grow into a mature Repli©lown within 24 hours. Repli©lowns have a biological life cycle of 4 year. This short life span, and other characteristics such as their ability to remain dormant for long periods, have made them invaluable in scientific research, including sit-com experiments.

"live free, pie well"
"I will never forget those horrible smiling faces as long as I live."
"If you were a ©lown, where would you hide?" "The amusement park!"

NOTE : The name of "Bozo" was derived from an old European word for "Court Jester"
(Roy)-Bongo the Clown : Appears as a sadistic, malevolent, balloon-wielding clown. Roys tatoos: According to Ridley Scott quoted in Future Noir, it was a half-developed idea they had - another thing inspired by Jean Giraud. So they then thought of markings that denoted points where, say, a space war suit would plug in to sockets. But even that idea got left behind and we were left with markings that are simply "A curious detail." So it is really up to you how you would like to interpret them
Zhora character : Ventriloquist dummy made from genegereered wood
Po-Po the Clown : Ex keystone cop (Offworld self regulating Repli-©lown police force).
Tinkle the Clown :
Sparkle :
Homey -27 : Party Repli-©lown custom built for the off-world party circuit based on the Templant : Homey the Clown -
A frustrated, ex-convict who performed on the streets to make money. Homey D. Clown (real name: Herman Simpson) had a painted face, red hair, balding head, and a baggy yellow and orange clown suit with large pompom buttons and oversized shoes. Working the streets and occasional party, he would asked people if they wanted to see a trick and then say "Gimme a dollar." This establishment hating individual had a short temper and hit people over the head with a stuffed sock. He accompanied his head bashing with the catchphrase "Homey don't play that!" While visiting his parole officer Homey claimed that his file was just a "long list of lies perpetrated by the "Man" to keep a brother down." During a children's party a child asked "Why did you become a clown? " Homey responded, "I guess its because I got so much love to give...and its part of my prison work release program. I got about five more years of this clown crap." He ended the party by singing the Homey the Clown song..." Homey the clown, Don't mess around, Even though the Man, Try to keep him down, One day Homey will, Break all the chains, Then he'll fly away, But until that day, "
Bo-Bo :
Credi-Wise :
Che-Gue : Repli-©lown Activist.
LaLa, Cheezo, Bippo, Dippo, Zippo, Mr. Giggles, Noodles, Seesaw, Oopsie, Flopsweat, Hoohaw, Jitters and Sir Widebottom.

Clowns to Study :

Krusty the Clown -
Krusty the Clown, or Herschel Schmoikel Krustofski ( full name: Herschel Pinkes Remochel Krustofski ), is a fictional character in the cartoon The Simpsons, voiced by Dan Castellaneta. Krusty is the long-time clown host of Bart and Lisa's favourite TV show. The TV show is a combination of kiddie variety-television hijinks with a sidekick, and cartoons including the Tom and Jerry parody Itchy and Scratchy. His original sidekick Sideshow Bob has now been replaced by Sideshow Mel. The character of Krusty was partially inspired by real-life clown "Rusty Nails" whom Simpsons creator Matt Groening watched as a child while growing up in Portland, Oregon.
An illiterate, rowdy green-haired clown on the animated cartoon THE SIMPSONS/FOX/1989+. Krusty the Clown was the favorite TV personality of Bart Simpson (Krusty No. 16302), a bratty little kid who lived in the town of Springfield, USA. Krusty's TV show assistants included Side-Show Mel, Corporal Punishment, Tina the Ballerina, his backup band Krusty and the Ktums and Krusty's faithful secretary, Miss Penny Candy. The "Krusty the Clown" program featured ax-throwing stunts and cartoons like "Itchy and Scratchy" (a bloodier version of "Tom and Jerry"). In one cartoon, Itchy ran over Scratchy with farm harvesting equipment and then played ball with his decapitated head. Despite, the gore, kids loved Krusty. He was so popular that Izzy's Deli, a local eatery honored Krusty with his own sandwich that consisted of "ham, sausage, bacon with a smidge of mayo on white bread." Krusty's entrepreneurial spirit once inspired a creation of a kids summer camp. Upon arriving at "Camp Krusty," Lisa Simpson wrote a letter home to her parents. It read: "Dear Mom, I no longer fear Hell for I've been to Camp Krusty...Save us. Save us now!" Krusty the Clown got his start in showbiz in the 1960s when he appeared on PULVER LAWN PRODUCTS PRESENTS THE CLOWNS OF TOMORROW. During a 1991 episode Krusty's real name was revealed as Herschel Schmoikel Krustofski, and that he was born to Jewish parents on the Eastside of Springfield. His father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski (voice of Jackie Mason) disapproved of his son aspiring to be a clown. In a parody right out of The Jazz Singer (1927), Krusty told his father "I wanna make people laugh." Unfortunately, his father responded "Selzer is for drinking, pies is for eating." When the Rabbi discovered his son performing at a Rabbi Convention in the Catskill Mountains, (twisting balloons into images of the Star of David and Menoras), he refused to ever speak with his son again. However, with the assistance of Bart and Lisa Simpson, their twenty-five years of silence ended and the two were happily reunited. Some Krusty Stats: Krusty's family arrived on Ellis Island in 1902. Krusty lived in a large mansion called “Shtickfair” until he lost it to the IRS, Krusty is chain smoker and suffered a heart attack that forced him to wear a pacemaker. Krusty has a vertical scar on his chest from the heart surgery and a superfluous third nipple. During the Gulf War Krusty entertained the troops at a USO program and met a shy soldier with chestnut brown hair and 22 confirmed kills. They had a short fling that produced a cute little girl named Sophie [she plays the violin].

Original Script Source - BladeRunner (
with Voice over)

Planned Scene BreakDown
- for ©lownRunner short Film.

Back Story :

Possible Toon assassinations as well or at least implied. (cross over link with Krusty the Clown being killed).

The 21st Century's
Clowns, Repli-©lowns & Performers (C.R.A.P) Union is based on 2 universal truths :

1. Professional Humor is hard.
2. Clowns scare the fuck out of people. Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns.

To me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kind of scary.
I've wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus,
and a clown killed my dad.
--Jack Handey

started with a few Clowns at the Concerned Unicyclists Negotiating Tolerance Service with a dream for a Union that would focus on promoting tolerance and understanding of amusing performers throughout the galaxy, standardised education withinin the Clown arts and spreading Clownery around the known universe. Unfortunatley C.R.A.P has devolved into is a miserable place, due to stringent restrictions put in place by The Repli-©lown Registration Act of 2018, and the represive roll played by the near omnipresent Multi-Global Hyper-Mc-Mega-Cola™Corp (formly McDonalds™ Corporation) (upon its purchase of all existing Clown related patents & and related ACME products). Old jokes and comedy routines are taught by rote and new humour and performances are vetoed or disallowed for audience viewing until they have been tested for decades under controlled conditions.

Multi-Global Hyper-Mc-Mega-Cola™Corp > Pie-Well Corporation : Mega-Corporation and main manufacturer of Repli-©lowns, named after Eldon Pie-Well or perhaps a whole corporate dynasty. A multi-national and obviously multi-galactic enterprise, employing hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions of people. If one follows the cyberpunk tradition with mega-corporations, it is an implicit fact that the corporation basically has its own government, police force, code of laws etc. The Pie-well Corporation may or may not be the sole Repli-©lowns manufacturer, there are indications that the corporate language might be French.

Multi-Global Hyper-Mc-Mega-Cola™Corp > ACME Corporation : Wile E. Coyote often obtains complex and ludicrous devices from a mail-order company, the ACME Corporation, which he hopes will help him catch the Road Runner. The devices invariably backfire in improbable and spectacular ways (see Rube Goldberg machine). Whether this is result of operator error or faulty merchandise is debatable. The coyote usually ends up burnt to a crisp, squashed flat, or at the bottom of a canyon. (Some cartoons show him suffering a combination of these fates.) How the coyote acquires these products without any money is not explained until the 2003 movie Looney Tunes: Back in Action, in which he is shown to be an employee of Acme. In a Tiny Toon Adventures episode, Wile makes mention of his protege Calamity Coyote possessing an unlimited ACME credit card account, which might serve as another possible explanation. Wile E. being a "beta tester" for ACME has been another suggested explanation. Wile E. also uses war equipment such as cannons, grenades, and bayonets.
The company name was likely chosen for its irony (acme means the highest point, as of achievement or development). The common expansion A (or American) Company that Makes (or Making) Everything is a backronym. The origin of the name might also be related to the ACME company that built a fine line of animation stands and optical printers.
Among the products by the ACME Corporation are :
portable holes ACME catapults ACME earthquake pills ACME rocket sled kits ACME Burmese tiger trap kit (thus nailing a Burmese tiger (Stop, Look, and Hasten; Surprisibus! Surprisibus!) ACME jet-propelled roller skates Acme (triple strength fortified) leg muscle vitamins ACME Giant Rubber Band (For Tripping Roadrunners) ACME Dehydrated Boulders ACME Hi-Speed Tonic ACME Batman suit ACME Bumble Bees ACME Wild Cat and - a wide selection of explosives: TNT, dynamite, nitroglycerin ...

The Anti Repli-©lown Repatriation Act of 2018 : The now infamous 'Clowning Around' Act - - by the World Government (formly McDonalds™ Corporation) declaring Repli-©lowns illegal on the Earth, surrounding atmosphere and satellites. Giving official sanction for ©lown Runner Units to 'Retire with extreme prejudice' any and all Repli-©lowns, in furtherance of the government's aims or policies.


Geoffrey Guliano, one of McDonald's Ronalds in the late 1970s, admitted on a 1991 installment of the on-air magazine A CURRENT AFFAIR that he no longer wanted to "participate in the violence and bloodshed of innocent animals." His association with the religion of Hinduism and his attempt to atone for his actions inspired him to open a ten-acre cow protection facility (a Dama Shala) with the hopes of keeping some cows from the beef-hungry jaws of Americans. Instead of billions served...he wanted billions saved. He concluded "I was the personification of the meat eating for the planet. I am guilty as charged. If I can save one cow from your table, my mission will be accomplished." Earlier in his acting career, Mr. Guilliano was crowned the mascot for Burger King "the marvelous magical Burger King who can do most anything."

(Chinese, screams)
Buffology, longevity, incept dates.
Don't know -- I, I don't know such stuff. I just do noses. Just noses -- genetic design -- just big red shiny noses. You Humorus, huh? I design your nose.
Chew, if only you could smell what I've smelt with your nose. Questions.
I don't know answers.
Who does?
Piewell. He -- He knows everything.
Piewell corporation?
He's big boss. Big genius. He, he design your mind, your sense of humor.
Ah, smart. funny.
Not an easy man to sniff out --
Me cold.
I guess...
Se-, Sebastian he take-- take you there, he take you there.
Sebastian who?
J. -- J. F. Sebastian-- Sebas... Sebas...
Now--where... would we find this.... J. F. Sebastian?

Point mutation :
A mutation due to an intramolecular reorganization of a gene.
Dr. Eldon PieWell : The facts of life. To make an alteration in the evolvement of an comedic life system is fatal. A comedy sequence cannot be revised once it's been established.
Bongo : Why not?
Dr. Eldon PieWell : Because by the second day of incubation, any cells that have undergone reversion mutations give rise to revertant colonies like patrons walking out on a crap routine. its just not funny anymore.
Bongo :
What about EMS recombination?
Dr. Eldon PieWell :
We've already tried it. Hydro Dimethyl Sulfonate as an alkylating agent, a potent mutagen It created a virus so lethal the test ©lown exploded before he left the operating table.
Bongo :
Then a repressive protein that blocks the comedic cells.
Dr. Eldon Piwell :
Wouldn't obstruct replication, but it does give rise to an error in replication so that the newly formed SFHDNA strand carries the mutation and you've got a virus again. But, uh, this-- all of this is academic. You were made as funny as we could make you.

The portion of the original blade runner script pertaining to the repair of accelerated decrepitude, as written is total gobbledygook. For instance, EMS is commonly used as a mutagen, but it doesn't create viruses; the contrived rule about coding sequences being incapable of revision doesn't make sense; the stuff about repressors causing replication errors is just babble. He should have just said his lifespan was in part an ontogenetic consequence, and it couldn't be corrected short of rewinding his entire life history back to fertilization, and replaying his development. (but why argue with an enduring classic, the dialogue works.)

Ethyl Methane Sulfonate :
Is a mutagenic, teratogenic, and possibly carcinogenic organic compound with formula C3H8O3S and CAS number 62-50-0. It produces random mutations in genetic material by nucleotide substitution; specifically by guanine alkylation. This typically produces only point mutations. It can induce mutations at a rate of 5x10-4 to 5x10-2 per gene without substantial killing. The ethyl group of EMS reacts with guanine in DNA, forming the abnormal base O-6-ethylguanine. During DNA replication, DNA polymerases that catalyze the process frequently place thymine, instead of cytosine, opposite O-6-ethylguanine. Following subsequent rounds of replication, the original G:C base pair can become an A:T pair. This changes the genetic information, is often harmful to cells, and can result in disease. Many mutagens cause a wide variety of cancers in humans.
EMS is often used in genetics as a mutagen. Mutations induced by EMS can then be studied in genetic screens or other assays.

Biotechnology: “The use of biological systems to create goods & services"
Restriction enzymes [Nobel Prize 1978] -- DNA sequencing [Nobel Prize 1980] -- Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) [Nobel Prize 1993]

Principles of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
Genetic Engineering involves the laboratory manipulation of DNA
This may involve isolation of a "gene of interest"
in vivo or in vitro "©loning" of the gene
analysis of the ©loned gene
gel electrophoresis
Southern nucleic acid "blotting"
DNA sequencing

Genetic ©loning :
©loning a cell means to derive a (©lonal) population of cells from a single cell. This is an important in vitro procedure when the expansion of a single cell with certain characteristics is desired, for example in the production of gene-targeted ES cells. Most individuals began as a single cell and are therefore the result of clonal expansion in vivo.

Organism ( Asexual reproduction ) :
©loning means to create a new organism with the same genetic information as a cell from an existing one ( identical ). It is an asexual method of reproduction, where fertilization or inter-gamete contact does not take place. Asexual reproduction ( also known as agamogenesis ) is a form of reproduction which does not involve meiosis, gamete formation, or fertilization. This form of reproduction is common among simple organisms such as amoeba and other single-celled organisms, although most plants reproduce asexually as well (see vegetative reproduction).

Animals :
©loning exists in nature in some animal species and is referred to as parthenogenesis. An example is the "Little Fire Ant" (Wasmannia auropunctata), which is native to Central and South America but has spread throughout many tropical environments.

Reproductive ©loning :
Reproductive ©loning is a technology used to generate an animal that has the same nuclear DNA as another currently or previously existing animal. Deuschy Dolly the sheep, was created by reproductive ©loning technology. In a process called "somatic cell nuclear transfer" (SCNT), scientists transfer genetic material from the nucleus of a donor adult cell to an egg whose nucleus, and thus its genetic material, has been removed. The reconstructed egg containing the DNA from a donor cell must be treated with chemicals or electric current in order to stimulate cell division. Once the ©loned embryo reaches a suitable stage, it is transferred to the uterus of a female host where it continues to develop until birth.
Deuschy Dolly or any other animal created using nuclear transfer technology is not truly an identical ©lone of the donor animal. Only the ©lone's chromosomal or nuclear DNA is the same as the donor. Some of the ©lone's genetic materials come from the mitochondria in the cytoplasm of the enucleated egg. Mitochondria, which are organelles that serve as power sources to the cell, contain their own short segments of DNA, although this is only 0.01% of the total DNA.

Acquired mutations in mitochondrial DNA are believed to play an important role in the aging process.
Also mutations occur with every cell division so no two cells in an individual are identical, nor are ©lones. Thus, nuclear transfer ©lones from different maternal lineages are not ©lones in the strictest sense because the mitochondrial genome is not the same as that of the nucleus donor cell from which it was produced. This may have important implications for cross-species nuclear transfer in which nuclear-mitochondrial incompatibilities may lead to inviability.

Health aspects :
The success rate of ©loning has been low :
Dolly the sheep
was born after 277 eggs were used to create 29 embryos, which only produced three lambs at birth, only one of which lived, Dolly. Seventy calves have been created from 9,000 attempts and one third of them died young; Prometea took 328 attempts, and, more recently, Paris Texas was created after 400 attempts. Notably, although the first ©lones were frogs, no adult ©loned frog has yet been produced from a somatic adult nucleus donor cell.
There were early claims that Dolly the Sheep had accelerated aging. Aging of this type is thought to be due to shortening of telomeres, regions at the tips of chromosomes which prevent genetic threads fraying every time a cell divides. Over time telomeres get worn down until cell-division is no longer possible — this is thought to be a cause of aging. However, subsequent studies showed that, if anything, Dolly's telomere were longer than normal. Dolly died in the year of 2003. Ian Wilmut said that Dolly's early death had nothing to do with ©loning but with a respiratory infection common to lambs raised indoors like Dolly.
Consistent with Deuschy Dolly's telomeres being longer, analysis of the telomeres from ©loned cows showed that they were also longer. This suggests ©lones could live longer life spans although many died young after excessive growth. Researchers think that this could eventually be developed to reverse aging in humans, provided that this is based chiefly on the shortening of telomeres. Although some work has been performed on telomeres and aging in nuclear transfer ©lones, the evidence is at an early stage.

Timeline of Species ©loned :
The modern ©loning techniques involving nuclear transfer have been successfully performed on several species.
Landmark experiments in chronological order :

Tadpole: (1952) Many scientists questioned whether ©loning had actually occurred and unpublished experiments by other labs were not able to reproduce the reported results.
Carp: (1963) In China, embryologist Tong Dizhou ©loned a fish. He published the findings in an obscure Chinese science journal which was never translated into English.
Mice: (1986) was the first successfully ©loned mammal; Soviet scientists Chaylakhyan, Veprencev, Sviridova, Nikitin had mice "Masha" ©loned. Research was published in the magazine "Biofizika" volume ???II, issue 5 of 1987.
Sheep: (1996) From early embryonic cells by Steen Willadsen. Megan and Morag ©loned from differentiated embryonic cells in June 1995 and Dolly the sheep* in 1997.
Rhesus Monkey: Tetra (female, January 2000) from embryo splitting.
Cattle: Alpha and Beta (males, 2001) and (2005) Brazil.
Cat: CopyCat "CC" (female, late 2001), Little Nicky, 2004, was the first cat ©loned for commercial reasons.
Mule: Idaho Gem, a john mule born 2003-05-04, was the first horse-family ©lone.
Horse: Prometea, a Haflinger female born 2003-05-28, was the first horse ©lone.
For a complete list see: List of animals that have been ©loned. During the first several divisions of a fertilized egg, no differentiation occurs and the cells can be separated without harm, but each will grow into an identical individual. This process has been used on cattle for decades to produce hundreds of identical individuals in some cases. This process is not considered ©loning, but is called budding. The new individual is not derived from a differentiated cell, but from an undifferentiated egg. There is no way to determine which are the ©lones and which is the original.
*Deuschy Dolly the Sheep
Dolly (05-07-1996 - 14-02-2003), an ewe, was the first mammal to have been successfully ©loned from an adult cell (while the mice in USSR was ©loned from embryo cell back in 1986). She was ©loned at the Roslin Institute in Scotland and lived there until her death when she was 6. Her birth was announced on 22-02-1997.
The name "Deuschy" came from a suggestion by Jesse Haase who helped with her birth, in honor of Dolly Parton, because it was a mammary cell that was ©loned ( in the XXI Century the 'Dolly II' -a hybrid of "Deuschy" and her namesake- would be marketed to NU-Zealand in an attempt to lure out males of a reproductive age after a large percentage of the islands populations was rendered sterile by the 'guerrier d'arc-en-ciel deux' incident ). The technique that was made famous by her birth is somatic cell nuclear transfer, in which a non-reproductive cell containing a nucleus is placed in a de-nucleated ovum (which then develops into a fetus). When Dolly was ©loned in 1996 from a cell taken from a six-year-old ewe, she became the center of much controversy that still exists today.
Dolly's success is truly remarkable because it proved that the genetic material from a specialized adult cell, such as an udder cell programmed to express only those genes needed by udder cells, could be reprogrammed to generate an entire new organism. Before this demonstration, scientists believed that once a cell became specialized as a liver, heart, udder, bone, or any other type of cell, the change was permanent and other unneeded genes in the cell would become inactive. Some scientists believe that errors or incompleteness in the reprogramming process cause the high rates of death, deformity, and disability observed among animal ©lones.

Embryonic ©loning :
Somatic cell nuclear transfer
Somatic cell nuclear transfer can also be used to create a clonal embryo. The most likely scenario for this is to produce embryos for use in research, particularly stem cell research. This process is also called "research ©loning" or "therapeutic ©loning."
Therapeutic ©loning, also called "embryo ©loning," is the production of human embryos for use in research. The goal of this process is not to create ©loned human beings, but rather to harvest stem cells that can be used to study human development and to treat disease. Stem cells are important to biomedical researchers because they can be used to generate virtually any type of specialized cell in the human body. Stem cells are extracted from the egg after it has divided for 5 days. The egg at this stage of development is called a blastocyst. The extraction process destroys the embryo, which raises a variety of ethical concerns. Many researchers hope that one day stem cells can be used to serve as replacement cells to treat heart disease, Alzheimer's, cancer, and other diseases.
Scientists believe that ©loning may be used to create stem cells genetically compatible with the somatic cell donor. ©loning in stem cell research, called research ©loning or therapeutic ©loning, has not yet been successful: no embryonic stem cell lines have been derived from clonal embryos. The process might provide a way to grow organs in host carrier, which become completely compatible with the original. Host carrier growing poses a risk of trans-species diseases if the host is of a different species (e.g., a pig).
In human beings, this is a highly controversial issue for several reasons. It involves creating human embryos in vitro and then destroying them, attempting to obtain embryonic stem cells. But proposals to use ©loning techniques in human stem cell research raise a set of concerns beyond the moral status of the embryo. These have led a number of individuals and organizations who are not opposed to human embryonic stem cell research to be concerned about, or opposed to, human research ©loning. One concern is that ©loning in human stem cell research will lead to the reproductive ©loning of humans. A second concern is the appropriate sourcing of the eggs that are needed. Research ©loning requires a large number of human eggs, which can only be obtained from women. A third concern is the feasibility of developing stem cell therapies from ©loning.
In November 2001, scientists from Advanced Cell Technologies (ACT), a biotechnology company in Massachusetts, announced that they had ©loned the first human embryos for the purpose of advancing therapeutic research. To do this, they collected eggs from women's ovaries and then removed the genetic material from these eggs with a needle less than 2/10,000th of an inch wide. A skin cell was inserted inside the enucleated egg to serve as a new nucleus. The egg began to divide after it was stimulated with a chemical called ionomycin. The results were limited in success. Although this process was carried out with eight eggs, only three began dividing, and only one was able to divide into six cells before stopping.

Ethical issues of ©loning :
Roman Catholicism (before it was bought out by Multi-Global Hyper-Mc-Mega-Cola™Corp under its "holy cow, what if god was one of us?" program) and many conservative Christian groups have opposed human ©loning and the ©loning of human embryos, believing that a human life begins the moment a human egg becomes fertilized. Other Christian denominations such as the United Church of Christ do not believe a fertilized egg constitutes a living being, but still they oppose the ©loning of embryonic cells. The World Council of Churches, representing nearly 400 denominations worldwide, opposed ©loning of both human embryos and whole humans in February 2006. The United Methodist Church opposed research and reproductive ©loning in May 2000 and again in May 2004.
Libertarian views on the subject suggest that the federal government of the United States does not have the power to regulate ©loning, as it is not given any such authority by the US constitution. (Similar to abortion rights.)
At present, the main objection to human ©loning is that the ©loned individual may be biologically damaged, due to the inherent unreliability of its origin: researchers currently are unable to safely and reliably ©lone non-human primates.
However, many believe that as ©loning research and methods improve, concerns of safety and reliability will no longer be an issue. However, it must be pointed out that this has yet to occur, and may never occur. Rudolph Jaenisch, a professor at Harvard, has pointed out that we have become more efficient at producing ©lones which are still defective (Development Dynamics. Volume 235, pages 2460-2469. 2006). Other arguments against ©loning come from various religious orders (believing ©loning violates God's will or the natural order of life), and a general discomfort some have with the idea of "meddling" with the creation and basic function of life. This unease often manifests itself in contemporary novels, movies, and popular culture, as it did with numerous prior scientific discoveries and inventions. Various fictional scenarios portray ©lones being unhappy, soulless, or unable to integrate into society. Furthermore, ©lones are often depicted not as unique individuals but as "spare parts," providing organs for the ©lone's original (or any non-©lone that requires replacement organs).
Needless to say, ©loning is a poignant and important topic, reflected by its frequent discussion and debate among politicians, scientists, the media, religions, and the general public.

Additional characters :
Gengineered by J.F. Sebastian and found around his apartment. USS :United Star Systems.

Companies appearing in Orig Bladerunner :
ANACO, Atari, Atriton, Bell, Budweiser, Bulova, Citizen, Coca-Cola, Cuisine Art, Dentyne, Hilton, Jovan, JVC, Koss, L.A. Eyeworks, Lark, Marlboro, Million Dollar Discount, Mon Hart, Pan Am, Polaroid, RCA, Remy, Schiltz, Shakey's, Toshiba, Star Jewelers, TDK, The Million Dollar Movie, TWA, Wakamoto.
Atari, which dominated the home video game market when the film came out, never recovered from the next year's downturn in the industry, and by the 1990s had ceased to exist as anything more than a brand, a back catalog of games and some legacy computers. The Atari of today is an entirely different firm, using the former company's name.
The Bell System monopoly was broken up that same year, and all of the resulting Regional Bell operating companies have since changed their names and merged with each other or other companies.
Pan Am suffered the terrorist bombing/destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 and went bankrupt in 1991, after a decade of mounting losses.
Cuisinart similarly went bankrupt in 1989, though it lives on under new ownership.
Coca-Cola almost joined this list in the wake of its failed introduction of New Coke three years later, but has since experienced a thirtyfold increase in share price. Later to become intergrated into Multi-Global Hyper-Mc-Mega-Cola™Corp.

Megacorporations \ˌme--ˌkr--ˈ-shən\

The megacorporation has been called the most enduring legacy of terran society. Dating back to the age of nation states and Old Earth European colonial and cultural expansion, they came into their own with the great economic superpowers of the information age (USA, China, EU, Japan) and continued to expand their reach with the beginning of the solar system.

As humanity expanded into space, it was under the driving economic power of the great Megacorporations. Deriving from mergers among the Transnationals of old Earth, the few Dot Coms that survived the birth pangs of the Digital Economy, and the new Mining Companies and Franchises that sprung up like mushrooms with the opening up of the Solar System in the late 21st and early 22nd century???, the megacorps were the most powerful institutions huanity ever developed. As nation states gradually declined in influence the big corporations filled the political vacuum

The growth of the corporations, the headlong advance of technology and the vast increase in exploitable resources changed the nature of the metanationals and their interactions. The corporations had grown to the extent that each could provide all the material and informational needs of its employees. The growth of incentives and rewards for service to the corporation had increased to the extent that the megacorporations were slowly becoming centrally planned states in their own rights. This transformation changed the emphasis in corporate interactions away from competition for markets and towards competition for material resources, and more importantly for talented employees. The early 22nd century saw this competition step up a level, as the major corporations became military as well as economic powers. That decade saw three Belt-based and five Cis-Lunar corporations demonstrate a nuclear capability.

Staggering in size, these organizations are so large that no one person can know everything they are concerned with at any given moment. Total shares of stock, annual profits, number of employees are all astronomical. Many organizations are so large that different divisions of the same megacorporation may actually be working at cross purposes. In most regions, megacorporations merely own the land their installations are on, but in some areas they control entire planets, either directly or indirectly.
Most megacorporations are organized very much like smaller companies (with a board of directors, a president, and vice presidents), but the board and the higher level executive officers of the company are largely out of contact with the day to day (or even year to year) functioning of the company. These upper level executives serve to plan general policy and long distance actions. The most important executives, in terms of personal power, are the various regional managers (by whatever name they may be called). A regional manager may control only a small portion of a megacorporation's total assets, but many hold more power in some regions than the representatives of the Imperial government.

Zaibatsu ( 財閥; ざいばつ, lit. property?) : Japanese term referring to industrial and financial business conglomerates in the Empire of Japan, whose influence and size allowed for control over significant parts of the Japanese economy from the Meiji periods until the end of the Pacific War.

Arasaka : from the Cyberpunk 2020 role-playing game
Axon corporation : from the Unreal series of video games
The Cartel : from the Afterworld web series
Comstar : from the Battletech science-fiction game franchise
Ares Macrotechnology : from the Shadowrun role-playing game
Blue Sun : from Firefly and Serenity
CHOAM (Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles) : From the novels of Dune. The corporation's management and board of directors are controlled by the Padishah Emperor and the Landsraad (with the Spacing Guild and the Bene Gesserit as silent partners). Because of its control of inter-planetary commerce, CHOAM is the largest single source of wealth in the Old Empire; as such, influence in CHOAM (through partisans within it and control of directorships) is the central goal of political maneuvering, both to receive dividends and also (it is implied) to skim off profits.
Shitsu-Tonka : a giant business conglomerate of universal power,--DAAS Kapital
Cinque Flèches : from Blood+
Corporate Sector Authority andCommerce Guild : from the Star Wars universe
Dan Halen Sheetrock International : from Squidbillies
Eurocorp Syndicate : from Syndicate Wars
GENOM : from Bubblegum Crisis
Izanagi corporation : from the Unreal series of video games
Kramer Associates : from For want of a Nail.
Jupiter Mining Corporation : from Red Dwarf
LexCorp/LuthorCorp,Wayne Enterprises,Sivana Industries : and several others in the DC Universe.
Liandri corporation : from the Unreal series of video games
Ling-Standard Products: from Traveller
Omni Consumer Products (OCP): From the RoboCop Franchise. OCP seeks to fully privatize Detroit, Michigan into Delta City, with fully privatized services — such as the police force — and with residents exercising their representative citizenship through the purchase of shares of OCP stock. They also serve as part of the military-industrial complex; according to OCP executive Richard "Dick" Jones, "We practically are the military." Their business strategy was summarized by Jones in RoboCop: "Take a close look at the track record of this company, and you'll see that we've gambled in markets traditionally regarded as non-profit: hospitals, prisons, space exploration. I say good business is where you find it." OCP is broken up into various divisions that handle different sectors of its business, called "concepts"; most notably, Security Concepts created RoboCop, and contracts with the city of Detroit to provide the city with a police force.

Omni Consumer Products is also a real-world San Francisco-based company named after the company in the film. Not coincidentally, they specialize in licensing and marketing products inspired by fictional products from TV and movies, including the Brawndo drink from Idiocracy.
Omni-Tek : from the sci-fi MMORPG Anarchy Online
Paradigm Corporation : from the anime The Big O
Pentex: from the World of Darkness roleplaying games.
Pharmacom Industries : from the movie Johnny Mnemonic
Phayder Corporation : from the Unreal series of video games
PTMC : from the Descent series of video games
RAMJAC : from Kurt Vonnegut's Jailbird
Shinra Electric Power Company : from Final Fantasy VII
Stark Industries : from Marvel Comics Iron-Man along with its rivalStane Enterprises
which Stark buys out and its future descendantStark-Fujikawa. Also known asStark International.
The Transnats : from the Mars Trilogy, which eventually buy out whole countries
TriOptimum Corporation, from the System Shock video game series
Tyrell Corporation, Duh!
U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men, from I, Robot novel and movie franchise
Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil series
Union Aerospace Corporation (The UAC): from the Doom video game series, featured most prominently throughout Doom 3.
Vault-Tec Technologies : from Fallout
Vector Industries : from the Xenosaga videogame series
Weyland-Yutani ( ウェイランド湯谷株式会社): from the Alien films and spinoffs.

Dystopia ( governmental / societal )
1984 : (based on the George Orwell novel of the same name), filmed on two occasions: in 1956 by Michael Anderson and in 1984 by Michael Radford
Aachi & Ssipak
Æon Flux
Battle Royale : based on the novel and manga of the same name.
The Beach : based on the 1996 novel by Alex Garland.
Blade Runner
Children of Men
A Clockwork Orange
Code 46
Demolition Man
District 13
Escape from New York and its sequel, Escape from L.A. :
John Carpenter
Fahrenheit 451
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
The Handmaid's Tale

Harrison Bergeron, a 1995 made-for-cable film adapted from Kurt Vonnegut's 1961 short story of the same name.
The Island
Judge Dredd
, based on the 2000AD comic book character Judge Dredd.
Logan's Run
by Fritz Lang
The Prisoner
Nowhere Man,
a TV series.
The Running Man adapted beyond recognition from the novel of the same name by Stephen King alias Richard Bachman
A Scanner Darkly adapted from the novel of the same name written by Philip K. Dick
Soylent Green
THX 1138
The Trial

V for Vendetta, based on a graphic novel by Alan Moore.
The Warriors

Cyberpunk / Techno
Blade Runner
Ergo Proxy
Johnny Mnemonic
The Matrix series
Metropolis by Osamu Tezuka
Natural City
Strange Days

Corporate based Dystopias ( non-governmental )
Alien Quadrilogy + AVP series
Charlie Jade
The Final Cut
The Island
Johnny Mnemonic
One Point O
Resident Evil
Soylent Green
Super Mario Bros.

Tank Girl ( the original comic contained no corporations to speak of although Paul Hogan was President of Australia and the mafia ran the beer industry.)
The Truman Show

Filming Concepts :

Machinima : (a portmanteau of machine cinema and/or "machine" "animation")
Both a collection of associated production techniques and a film genre (film created by such production techniques). As a production technique, the term concerns the rendering of computer-generated imagery (CGI) using low-end 3D engines (as opposed to high-end and complex 3D engines used by professionals) in video games (typically, engines in first person shooters games have been used). Consequently, the rendering can be done in real-time using PCs (either using the computer of the creator or the viewer), rather than with complex 3D engines using huge render farms.
As a film genre, the term refers to movies created by the techniques described above. Usually, machinimas are produced using tools (demo recording, camera angle, level editor, script editor, etc.) and resources (backgrounds, levels, characters, skins, etc.) available in a game.
Machinima is an example of emergent gameplay, a process of putting game tools to unexpected ends, and of artistic computer game modification.

Rotoshop :
A proprietary graphics editing program created by Bob Sabiston. Rotoshop uses an animation technique called interpolated rotoscoping, which can be seen inRichard Linklater's films Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly, The software is not currently available for use outside Flat Black Films.
The software was developed in order to do extremely lifelike hand-drawn animation - specifically, to animate the types of expressions and gestures people make that ordinarily would not be scripted into someone's film. Every person has minute speech and movement characteristics that uniquely identifies him or her. This type of animation emphasizes these characteristics.

Interpolation is the technique in which a frame can be drawn, then a future frame can be drawn, and the intermediate frames are automatically generated. It is a simple form of "automatic tweening." Interpolated lines and shapes have a very smooth, fluid motion that is extremely difficult to achieve by hand-drawing each line.

In order to manage different objects in the scene, the user can break the drawing into layers. A layer can be "frozen" so that a single drawing remains visible throughout the entire scene. This feature is necessary for backgrounds and other things that do not change shape through time. This frees the user from having to draw the same image 24 times for every second of a scene.

Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Personal Short Film Project.
Medium :
Digital Video.
Notes :

Soundtrack (Proposals) :
Distinctive Vangelis
Style versions of the Circus Polka
Weird Al Yankovich-- I Think I'm a ©lone Now.
Manfred Mann -- Ha! Ha! Said the Clown.
minus the Bear -- lets play clowns.
the Dickies -- Killer Klowns from Outer Space.
Charles Manson -- Shakespeare's Clown. (for the trash boys)
Switchblade Symphony -- Clown.
t.A.T.u. -- Clowns (Can You See Me Now?).
The Kinks
-- Death of a clown.

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