Prologue :
'Okay, let's try again,'he said 'What are you?'
For the first time...she really smiled.
It was a transformation, but not of a kind that made him feel easier;
she did not look any less adult.
'You know,' she said.
He insisted 'What are you?'
She smiled all through her amazing response.
'I am you.'
'No I am me. You are you.'

'I am you.'
Original acrylic painting
Ghost Story
Peter Straub
Resurrection :
     the Sisterhood \ Remembrance | updated 26/02/05
Photo Rendering
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.
Client : Private Commission; variations.
Brief : Portrait commissioned in remembrance of a family's young daughter who had died aprox. 5 years previously. I was asked to age her features and paint her as she 'could' have looked today.
Medium : Acrylic Painting (on Canvas) 100cm by 80cm :
reworked and photographic elements blended in Adobe Photoshop 2005 a.d
Design Notes : Recreating this young woman's appearance really put the hook in me, (having to ask questions about someones sister who has 'passed away' can be quite a head-trip while trying to look at the commission as just another job.). To show family members the suggested changes in appearance I did a photo mock-up (adding a smile, reshaping her face, changing her hairstyle...). I recently blended the painting and the mock-up and got a far closer aesthetic representation of what she would look like. Out of respect for the clients I won't display the original source photos.
Soundtrack (
music to draw to):
Tom Waits - Alice
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