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Will-o-Wisp : US one sheet 68 x 103cm Short horror film poster
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Wil o Wisp film poster
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Computer HD Wallpaper
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Client : Aaron Wakem
Brief : Create print ready Poster Art and computer wallpaper for 5 short films that function as a horror/supernatural anthology.
Medium : Digital : Photographic illustration in Adobe Photoshop 2014 AD
Design Notes : Feeling a lot of Neil Gaiman / Dave Mckean's 1988 3-part prestige format comic book mini-series Black Orchid in this design. Miyuki Lotz features in this supernatural genre poster -Wil o Wisp- Designed by ArkhªmHªus. A will-o'-the-wisp or ignis fatuus ( Medieval Latin for "foolish fire") are described as atmospheric night lights seen by travellers especially over bogs, swamps or marshes. It is said to resemble a flickering lamp and will recede if approached, drawing curious travellers off the well worn and safer paths. The phenomenon is known by a variety of names, including jack-o'-lantern, friars's lantern, hinkypunk, and hobby lantern in English oral tradition, well attested in English fable and in much of European folklore. The luminaire behind the female spectre references this legend. Nocturn logo designed by ArkhªmHªus. Enkidu Studios logo designed by ArkhªmHªus.
A One-sheet refers to the standard north american sized 70 x 100cm movie poster, however, what is misleading is the one-sheet size isn’t necessarily consistent or standard, and can vary by severalcentimeters. This is especially true of some borderless full-bleed posters, which may be 66.04 x 101.6 cm or smaller. The sizing can also change between film studios, with each film company in-house ad production group following it’s own sizing and printing standards. Poster art featured here is 68 x 103 cm - a 70x100cm as also designed as well as a half sheet measuring @ 71.12 x 55.88 cm.

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