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    Many are the Darkling forgotten facets of world and boundless is our secret fascination with them ...
slightly dodge Trasharama stubbie holder photo
2nd Assistant camera Ghoul character art released as stubbie cooler for the merchandise arm of the Trasharama agogo Short film festival
2017 : Trasharama-Agogo Clapper-board Zombie Character Update
    Zombie-Town  \ 2nd Assistant Camera | Open Brain injury | updated 28/12/16
 Trasharama film Festival's 2nd Assistant Camera-Ghoul
An eviscerated clapper loader or second assistant camera ghoul (2nd AC) is part of a film crew whose main dysfunctions are loading drives or raw film stock into camera magazines, operating the clapper-board (slate) at the beginning of each take, marking the actors as necessary, maintaining all records and paperwork for the camera department and draining large volumes of their personal body fluids, allowing it to seep into the surrounding set. Insects and mites feed on this material. It adds a certain ambience to the shoot.
A clapper loader or second assistant camera ghoul (2nd AC) is part of a film cruel whose main functions are that of loading the raw film stock into camera magazines, operating the clapperboard (slate) at the beginning of each take, marking the actors as necessary, and maintaining all records and paperwork for the camera department.

Trasharama Wallpaper and Stubbie-cooler artwork. Nearly all zombie survivalists are in agreement that the destruction of the brain is the only surefire way to neutralize a zombie. In this character's case her pre mortem occupation may have saved her as 2nd ACs don't really use their brains. The Frontal Lobe is the area of the Zombie brain that still has limited function, and its destruction is key to putting a zombie down (in The Walking Dead and Romero's Day of the Dead, it is the brain stem. Still, substantial structural damage to any part of the brain is enough to stop the zombie)

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Trasharama Facebook Header - The skull is not only one of the thickest bones in the body, but the spherical shape of the cranium is designed to deflect and absorb tremendous amounts of force to preserve its precious contents. Fracturing a skull to the point required to kill a zombie is no small feat without firearms. Although, over time, decaying bones will soften and become more feeble. Capable Melee weapons are usually quite heavy, and draining to wield over time.
Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Client : Trasharama A-go-go's Annual short Horror Film Festival.
Brief :More Zombie Art Please.
Medium : Digital illustration
: Created in Adobe Photoshop 2017 a.d.

Design notes : The decaying hands holding the clapper board and protecting zombie girl's modesty are a reference to Fred Dekker's Night of the Creeps (1986). As an 80s cult science fiction horror comedy the relevance was obvious. I used a rougher version of the NotC hand in a previous character design.Night of the Creeps (1986)
The clapper-board itself contains a reference to Wes Craven's creation Freddy Krueger: 1428 Elm Street is located in the north american town of Springwood in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series, it's the iconic former home of The Thompson Family and the Walsh family. Next on the list is Zombie girl's head wound: A fracture or penetrating wound of the skull associated with the rupturing or incision of the dura matter exposing the brain is termed an open craniocerebral injury. Open brain injuries can be caused by depressed fractures or by fractures piercing the dura matter, and in extreme cases by hammers, bottles, trephines, machetes, axes, shovels, chainsaws, firearms and helicopter blades.
Broadly speaking, the undead fall into two categories, slow zombies (think the original "Dawn of the Dead") or fast zombies (à la the film's 2004 remake). Slow zombies shuffle in an uncoordinated manner and can't open doors, suggesting a problem with the cerebellum, as observed by Neuroscientist Bradley Voytek, of the University of California. This region at the back of the head, known as the "little brain," plays an important role in coordinated movements. Tasks such as picking up a (coin) off the ground are actually really hard, Voytek said. "We still can't get robots to do this."
All zombies — fast ones included — seem to have poor memory and lack the ability to plan as a group.

"They don't really have any social skills," Voytek states.

They also lack cognitive control — there's no delaying the gratification of warm human flesh and fatty neuron packed tissue. These symptoms suggest their frontal lobes probably aren't functioning correctly, Voytek said. In animal studies, cutting connections to the frontal lobes causes lots of problems, he added.
Then there's the matter of zombie communication, or lack thereof. Voytek and Verstynen made a educational video in which they "diagnosed" zombies with a condition called Wernicke's aphasia, which results from damage to a bundle of connections between the brain's temporal and parietal lobes.
Zombies may have impaired brain function in many ways, but they do have a razor-sharp sense of smell — at least when it comes to sniffing out living human tissue. In a scene from the movie and comic book "Walking Dead," the protagonists smear themselves with the organs of dead zombies to prevent "live" zombies from smelling them.

By comparison, healthy humans are thought to have a poor sense of smell. But studies have shown that people can track scents really well if they focus on the task, Voytek said. In one study, blindfolded undergraduates at the University of California, Berkeley, were able to track a streak of chocolate in the grass by smell alone, and did it surprisingly well. So the zombie's ability to tell healthy bodies from decaying ones (i.e. other zombies) is "certainly plausible," Voytek said.

The U.S. military devised an elaborate plan should a zombie apocalypse befall it's country, according to a Defense Department document obtained by CNN. In an unclassified document titled "CONOP 8888," officials from U.S. Strategic Command used the specter of a planet-wide attack by the walking dead as a training template for how to plan for real-life, large-scale operations, emergencies and catastrophes. Zombie life forms "created via some form of occult experimentation in what might otherwise be referred to as 'evil magic,' to vegetarian zombies that pose no threat to humans due to their exclusive consumption of vegetation, to zombie life forms created after an organism is infected with a high dose of radiation are among the invaders the document outlines." "The only assumed way to effectively cause causalities to the zombie ranks by tactical force is the concentration of all firepower to the head, specifically the brain," the plan reads. "The only way to ensure a zombie is 'dead' is to burn the zombie corpse."

Soundtrack (music to draw to) :

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"Is it Necrophilia if both parties are dead?"
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