Trasharama Cover art : Smething wicked this way comes

alternate submission for trasharama 2017 facebook Event Banner artwork 2017 Alt Trasharama agogo facebook event banner @ Monsterfest
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Promotional Poster for 2017's Trasharama film festival featured @ Monsterfest
Promotional Poster for Trasharama agogo's film fest within a film fest @ Monsterfest
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© Anthony Marriott
"It's hairy. Got some pretty heavy ordnance there. I lost a few recon ships there now and again. Is that goddamn village Vin Drin Dop or Lop ? Damn gook names all sound the same. Mike, do you know anything about that point at Vin Drin Dop ?"-"That's a fantastic peak. "- "Peak ?" - "About six feet. It got both the long right with left slide. It's unbelieveable, it's just Tube City..."- " Well why the hell didn't you tell me that before ? There aren't any good peaks in this whole, shitty country. It's all goddamn beach break."- "It's really hairy in there,sir. That's where we lost McDonnel - they shot the hell out of us. That's Charlie's point." - "Sir, we can go there tomorrow at dawn. There's always a good off-shore breeze in the morning."- "We may not be able to get the boat in. The river may be too shallow."- " We'll pick your boat up and put it down like a baby, right where you want it. This is First of the Ninth, Air Cav,son- airmobile. I can take that point and hold it as long as I like -- and you can get anywhere you want up that river that suits you, young captain. Hell, a six foot peak. You take a gunship back to division -- Mike, take Lance with you -- let him pick out a board, and bring me my Yater Spoon -- the eight six."-"I don't know, sir -- it's -- it's --"- " What is it soldier?- "It's pretty hairy in there - it's Charlie's point..."- "Charlie don't surf !""
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