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Show a little backbone, get yourself a SpineGrrl Skateboard deck.
Trasharama Agogo / Daddow skateboards : Spine Grrl Entelechis Edition
    ZombieTown \ Undead Abominations \ Night-Sight | Updated 19/07/11
Freeride BEAST!

ENTELECHIS!!! from chad gibson on Vimeo.

Skate-work Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.
Trasharama 2011 Gnosis Skateboard designClient :
Daddow Skateboards/ Trasharama A-go-go Annual short Film Festival.

Brief :
Adapt and Create Comicbook Style Skateboard Art in conjunction with the 2011 Trasharama Festerval and Daddow Skateboards for cross-promotional sales.

Medium :
Digital illustration (
Wacom Tablet) :Spine-Grrl was created in Adobe Photoshop 2008 a.d. The Character is displayed in promotional flyers, on the trasharama website and sold as badges, stubby holders, T-shirts and now Skateboards.

Design notes :
Regarding the Skateboards themselves:
Daddow Entelechis Top Mount, Designed by some of Qld's best groms! This board is 926 mm long by 265 mm wide and a wheel base of 730 mm to 750 mm. The nose and tail are raised about 8mm above the platform. There is a slight W cave only thru the middle of the slight camber. 6 layers of Australian  Silver ask veneers  sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo veneers. 

Trasharama (Best of) 2011 Tour Dates :
Friday 18th November @ the Tribal Theatre-- 364 George St Brisbane.

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"When I rule the world It will be fun to decide who lives, based on what I've seen not many will...."
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