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Filmmaker, television director and visual artist. Known for his surrealist films, Some would argue David Lynch has developed his own unique cinematic genre, which is characterized by its dream imagery and meticulous sound design. Indeed, the surreal and in many cases violent elements to his films have gained them their reputation. Eraserhead, David's first film became a cult classic on the north american midnight movie circuit particularly in New York City where it ran almost every night for something like five years straight. "His films are so packed with motifs, recurrent characters, images, compositions and techniques that you could view his entire output as one large jigsaw puzzle of ideas".

Celebrity Portrait : Black & White stipple illustration of David Lynch
     Gallery 1   \David Lynch\Portrait \ Stipple \ Black & White | illustration | 08/01/11
Stipple portrait of David Lynch
David Lynch: Believe it or not, Eraserhead is my most spiritual film.
Interviewer: Elaborate on that.
Lynch : No, I won’t.

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Client : Concept & Marketing collaboration between ArkhªmHªus Imªges & MEDiAKiN.
Notes :Artwork Designed to work as a single colour print.
Medium : Digital : Vector

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In Hollywood, more often than not, they`re making more kind of traditional films, stories that are understood by people. And the entire story is understood. And they become worried if even for one small moment something happens that is not understood by everyone. But what`s so fantastic is to get down into areas where things are abstract and where things are felt, or understood in an intuitive way that, you can`t, you know, put a microphone to somebody at the theatre and say `Did you understand that?` but they come out with a strange, fantastic feeling and they can carry that, and it opens some little door or something that`s magical and that`s the power that film has.

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