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motion tracker Aliens is a science fiction/action film starring Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton. Aliens is set 57 years after the events aboard the ill-fated Nostromo ( Ridley Scott's original Alien) and 26 years later is still regarded as a benchmark for the action and Sci-Fi genres. Weaver's character Ellen Ripley returns to the planet where she first encountered the hostile 'Xenomorph' ( designed by the legendary H.R Giger ) , this time accompanied by a unit of United States Colonial Marines (USCM) -- a group of fictional space marines. The USCM have taken a prominent role in the successive games, comics, and novels set in the Aliens 'universe'. This pseudo-military ' take' on Science Fiction worked well in conjunction with the real world ' first person shooter ' that is Zone 3, Hence I was employed to add large scale murals (using black light activated paint) of 'Xenomorphs' to the rooms and corridors of the 'combat arena'.
'Mural : Alien architectural partitions in Zone 3 'suit-up' room.
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H.R Giger's Aliens as a mural
Xenomorphs in the suit up room.
Crouching Alien MuralAn Alien crouching by the entrance to the arena.
Artwork Details :
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Zone 3 LogoClient : Zone 3 - Brisbane (now under new management and new premises)
Medium :
Acrylic Paint - fluorescent under black light, on motar board
2.5metres (height) & 3 metres respectively.
Notes :
Original Alien Lifeform Design by H.R. Giger. This painting's old skool, done before I was using computers as my art medium on a competent level.
Zone 3 is a purpose-built laser combat arena. Players strap on an electronic vest that registers "tags" from other player's weapons. Players are assigned a team and deployed into the 'combat zone'. The objective is to shoot as many opposing team members as possible. The team who finishes with the most points, wins. There's room for a lot of variation. Points are scored by "tagging" and de-activating the opposing team's weapons and for destroying the opposing teams base stations (capture the flag, if you will). At the end of each game the final scores are displayed on the scoreboard plus each player receives a printed score card that tells you the vital statistics for your game. This includes game score, accuracy, how many times you were tagged, etc. To my knowledge at the time of my employment Zone3 was in no way affiliated with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is the exclusive owner of all copyright, trademark rights and all other intellectual property rights in and to the Aliens Franchise.Soundtrack (music to paint to) : Apotheosis - O Fortuna

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