John Jarratt Kaarin Fairfax StalkherJohn Jarratt (iconic Aussie Actor - Picnic at Hanging Rock, Wolf Creek) is directing his first feature film, StalkHer, co-starring 3 time AFI Award Winner Kaarin Fairfax. The two first met in 1980 while filming the Australian TV miniseries The Last Outlaw, in which John played Australian bullet-proof Bush-ranger Ned Kelly. Principle photography for Stalkher wrapped on Queensland's Gold Coast in March 2014 @ the Warners Brothers Studio lot.
The screenplay was written by Kristijana Maric, who, having partnered with Craig Kocinski and Jarratt combined to form OZPIX Entertainment. Maric described the plot as an Australian version of Misery meets Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Jarratt’s character breaks into Fairfax’s house with a head full of evil intentions and a Boner to match.

    “ It’s a cat-and-mouse game where
      you are not sure who's the cat
      and who is the mouse... ”

Kocinski suggested the StalkHer screenplay, which Jarratt loved. The $1.3 million budget combines private investment, a refundable tax rebate for producers of Australian feature films/television and finance from Screen Queensland. Backlot Studios control the theatrical bookings, Shock Media/Regency Entertainment will carry the home media market and the international sales rep is UK-based Jinga Films, (previouslty involved with Savages Crossing, another of Jarratt's films under the Winnah Films banner).
Jarratt was keen to direct and star in a film which he could leveraging off Greg Mclean’s Wolf Creek 2, which Roadshow launched in February 2014. The Director of Photography is Jody Muston, who was the focus puller/second camera operator on the original Wolf Creek, she recently shot Nick Matthews’ thriller One Eyed Girl and was camera operator on Upper Middle Bogan. Maric says the producers opted to hire Backlot and pay for prints & advertising (funded by a private investor) in the hope of getting a much bigger slice of the Box Office cake beyond the standard 20% producers often receive. This is the first film developed by OZPIX but its third feature following Bad Behaviour (a serial killer thriller starring Jarratt, Roger Ward, Lindsay Farris and Robert Coleby) and lets not forget Nick McLean’s The Professional Idiot.

Concept Art : Post-production designs for Stalkher
Stalkher(2014) film poster Concept Art
Stalkher(2014)Film Post Production concept art
Stalkher (2014) poster design concept
Stalkher film poster concept art (2014)

Original on set photographic elements shot by Daniel Guerra.

Stalkher Concept Art : Part Deux
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Provincial / Rural / slightly western look for John Jarratt's Stalkher (2014) film. Jarratt is bound and gagged while Kaarin Fairfax smiles beguilingly whilst clutching a Meat cleaver. Don't they make a cute couple?

Artwork Details :
     Artists Description and general comments.

Collaborators : MEDiAKiN / G.A.P
Brief :
Concept Poster Art Created by ArkhªmHªus for the Queensland feature film StalkHer. Photos by Daniel Guerra.
Medium : Digital : One of literally Hundreds of Original presentation visuals Created in Adobe Photoshop between 2012 -14 AD --from the films early concept stage to post production. The Poster was envisaged as a play on Couples Portraiture. The meat cleaver held by Kaarin was added after the photo shoot, It was later deemed a negative by .... someone in the advertising or production cabal, and hence removed from later designs.

Notes : John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) and Kaarin Fairfax (3 times AFI Nominee) feature in this concept poster.

-- A man is pushed past the brink of his stalking obsession when he finally decides to break into a beautiful woman's home and take what he wants by force. After breaking into her home he wakes up bleeding and bound to a chair in her kitchen and he soon realizes she is not all what she seems to be. The question raised is who will take who by force before the night is through?--

The reason it is impossible to predict who will and won't sexually assault someone is because how these behaviors manifest is a matter of style and preference. One person might choose to be blatant and habitually physically attack others, while another might be more subtle but verbally attack others on a regular basis. The motives are the same, but the style is utterly different. Why it is hard to predict who will and won't use sexual assault. What we can accurately predict is something bad will arise out of these character traits, the When, Where and How are impossible to predetermine.

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"Have you ever noticed how the phrase -you're a Dick Nick- rhymes."
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