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Bad Behaviour One Sheet Poster : John Jarratt as Ricky Bartlett, Lindsay Farris as Peterson
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John Jarratt is Ricky Bartlett Versus Lindsay Farris as Peterson in Joseph Sim's Bad Behaviour
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Client : MEDiAKiN / Sterling Cinema Pty Ltd / Global Alliance Productions / Caldwell Entertainment
Brief : Read script, I was able to make on-set observations in my role as Art Director, I utilised the on-set photographer throughout the shooting schedule, creating and implementing poster concepts on the fly.
Medium :
Digital : Official One Sheet poster version of DVD Cover art for the Australian release of Bad Behaviour. One of many Bad Behaviour poster concepts created in Adobe Photoshop 2011-12 a.d
Design Notes : BAD BEHAVIOUR was written and directed by Joseph Sims and produced by Kris Maric, Craig A Kocinski and Steven Caldwell. The film won 6 awards at the 2011 Melbourne Underground Film Festival and delivered its international premiere to packed out audiences at Cinequest, a major North American film festival in California, USA. BAD BEHAVIOUR was picked up by Ken DuBow's Opus Distribution and had its first market screening at the Cannes Film Market where Dubow announced that he closed a deal for BAD BEHAVIOUR with Donau Films in Germany. This One Sheet Feature Film Poster promotes the Aussie 'Serial Killer Thriller' , Wolf Creek Poster art is featured on this site only as a reference to John Jarratt's previous work. Arkhamhaus Images was not involved with any artwork for this Australian horror feature.BAD BEHAVIOUR, featuring John Jarratt as Senior Constable Richard 'Ricky' Bartlett staring down Lindsay Farris' eloquently evil Peterson. Jarratt has recently been in the US filming Quentin Tarantino's DJANGO UNCHAINED alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz.. Before filming Bad Behaviour, John had appeared in ROGUE, a story based loosely on a 70's era giant croc named sweetheart (being director Greg McLean’s ode to Australia's Northern Territory tourist bureau and big budget feature follow-up to John's most recognized role in the 2005 inde horror flick WOLF CREEK). Previously he featured in THE FINAL WINTER; an Australian production about the seedy side of footy and had a role in AUSTRALIA, Baz Luhrmann’s epic type feature thingy starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman dousing himself with a bucket of water. A veteran of thirty years in the industry, John’s credits include Peter Weir's eerie classic PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK, SUMMER CITY, THE ODD ANGRY SHOT, WE OF THE NEVER NEVER, NEXT OF KIN, DARK AGES and ALL MEN ARE LIARS which earned him a Best Actor nomination at the AFI awards. His Television credits are numerous, from his Logie award-winning performance as Ned Kelly in THE LAST OUTLAW, to other leading roles in FIELDS OF FIRE trilogy for which he received an AFI nomination for Best Actor. Director Joseph Sims explains the effect that nabbing the renowned Aussie actor for a role in Bad Behaviour had upon his production. "I really didn't know where we stood in terms of financing and eventual size of the production until the day I heard John had signed on. Almost immediately after Dwaine [Stevenson] (Gabriel) signed on... With their names we were able to go nuts - we had access to a number of high profile people we wouldn't normally have had access to." The film also stars TV and radio personality Jean Kittson (Hating Allison Ashley, let the blood run free, the Big Gig - "yeah!") and Roger Ward (Mad Max).

Georgina Symes (Jennifer Brown), Lindsay Farris (Peterson), John Jarratt (Rick Bartlett)
Georgina Symes (Jennifer Brown), Lindsay Farris (Peterson), John Jarratt (Rick Bartlett)
Primal Poster art is featured on this site only as a reference to Lindsay Farris' previous work. Arkhamhaus Images was not involved with any artwork for this Australian horror feature. The Bad Behaviour Poster also features Lindsay Farris as the film's primary socipath: Peterson. Lindsay is in parts Actor, Author, Musician and Entrepreneur, his theatre credits include The Titular Hamlet (Nida Yas), The Little Dog Laughed (Ensemble Theatre), Inside Out (Cdp), The Keeper (Micah Projects), Blowing Whistles (Focus Theatre/b#), Emergence (Synarcade), One In A Hundred (The Street Theatre), I’m Not Rappaport (Ensemble Theatre), Seven Little Australians (New Theatre), Love Of The Nightingale (Nida), Hello Dolly (The Production Company) and a national tour with Brainstorm Productions. Farris has appeared in lead roles In the feature films Twists Of Fate and Primal (a groovy horror tale), while his aussie television credits include Sea Patrol, All Saints, Blue Water High, Marking Time And The Sleepover Club. His Short Films Include The Ground Beneath and Splintered which both received much acclaim internationally including a number of best actor awards, best film at the slamdance film festival in 2005 and both films were contenders for the 2006 and 2010 academy awards. Lindsay is artistic director of the National Youth Ttheatre Company and executive director of the Australian Ministry of Theatre, a company dedicated to the development of cultural initiatives for the sustainability of theatre practitioners and audiences.

Australain Distributor of  Bad Behaviour as well as Manborg, Grabbers, the Stuff, Father's Day, the Inside, Dear God No! and American Mary.

Bad Behaviour Credits: A Sterling Cinema presentation in association with MediaKin, Caldwell Entertainment and Global Alliance Prods. (International sales: Opus Distribution, Los Angeles.) Produced by Kris Maric, Steven Caldwell, Craig A. Kocinski. Executive producer, Joseph Sims. Directed, written by Joseph Sims.
With: John Jarratt, Lindsay Farris, Dwaine Stevenson, Robert Coleby, Georgina Symes, Roger Ward, Jean Kittson, Caroline Levien, Ellen Grimshaw, Dominique De Marco, Rio Holland, L.J. Sims, Nic Mohr, Tyson Hargreaves, 'Aussie' Joe Bugner, Jean-Marc Manning, Dwaine Stevenson, Jean Kittson.Camera (color, HD), Justin Cerato; editor, Steven Caldwell; music, Luke McDonald; production designer, Shaun McIntosh; art director, Anthony Marriott; costume designer, Melody Cooper; sound, Robert Hughes; sound designers, David Gaylard, Ashton Ward; re-recording mixer, Phil Hagstrom; assistant director, Marieke Spence.

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